Thursday, October 08, 2015

Crackerjack On Demand

Netflix now has the movie Crackerjack, the independent film about the loveable loser who joins a church softball team. Narrated by Jeff Foxworthy. Has an underlying Christian message about stopping bad behavior and taking responsibility for your actions. Made by my friend Bryan Coley. In the Napoleon Dynamite genre. Check it out on demand.

Friday C and M drove to Clemson to pick up her mother. They picked up Anna in Commerce so she could see her cousins. They ate Chinese in Anderson. They didn’t get back until after 1 am. I worked late and ate leftover roast beef. Friday afternoon Will helped the SEC Network set up for their show. Saturday when they were packing up he secured an all-access pass for the game, and went down to the sidelines to watch the game.

Saturday we watched football all day: SC@MO, AL@GA, NC@GT, and Clemson/Notre Dame. Ceil cooked chili. Later I picked up M in Cumming.

Sunday morning I went to JFBC. Good testimony by a couple who had appeared on Property Brothers. C, M, and her mom went shopping. I watched some Falcons. Later we ate at Moxie Burger. I picked up M downtown at Grace Church.

Monday I left out before 5 am for Augusta. Did inventory and left before 2 pm on the drive back. Got back in time for my 5:30 focus group about Colonial Williamsburg. When someone asked what was so historic about fireworks I reminded them of the War of 1812 and the Star Spangled Banner. The moderator was of Chinese descent. With a smile he quipped “I thought the Chinese invented fireworks.” For supper M grilled hot dogs. Ceil fixed slaw.

One thing I like about making a drive over to Augusta or Macon and back – I can get a good high MPG reading on my car. I used to regularly get 42 MPG or higher on the road. The key is to drive 65 MPH. Made great mileage on the way over but in Augusta I was loaded down with 8 big boxes to carry home. The extra weight may have made for better traction in the rain but lower MPG. Overall I got 38 MPG driving between 65 and 70 MPH most of the way back. When I drive to Clemson the weekend I may have to take the lower MPG CRV, but on the highway I can still get well over 30 MPG in it.

Finally found a home for those NBA player cutouts. I still had them in the same bag for the longest time but figured out where to display them. Price, Muresan, Glen Rice, Tim Hardaway, Sean Kemp, Clifford Robinson, Brian Grant, Horace Grant, Charles Oakley.

Back to my pushup/sit-up/walking routine this morning. Made 3 miles in 50 minutes. In his book Faithful (about the Red Sox) every morning Stephen King would do his pushups and sit-ups while watching the New England Sports Network reports about the Sox.

GT question: After losing to Notre Dame, Duke and UNC, and with games yet to be played against VA, Virginia Tech, Pitt, FSU, Clemson, and GA – will Tech win enough to become bowl eligible?

We saw a commercial for color by number, where you call an 800 number and pay $12.99 plus S&H for 2 coloring books and some pens and pencils. Connect the dots were always fun – also mazes. Guess that’s why I liked Pac Man.

Chili’s: not one of our regular places but we usually make it there once every year or two. The East Cobb Chili’s is usually packed, probably more due to the lack of competition. That drives us to other places. Not sure where we’re going for M’s birthday tomorrow. I see The Big Ketch is having a big anniversary celebration this week (I get the emails). The night we went to PF Chang I had suggested to Ceil that we go to The Big Ketch, but we were already at PF Chang.

Another coworker quit, headed to an easier job closer to home.

Bobbleheads: My sister wanted to trade me two Teheran's for a Niekro. Think that would be a good deal? I don’t have a Niekro. They’re rare and valuable. I have all the others from that year: Hank, Eddie Mathews, Spahn, and Dale Murphy. My new Fred Lynn arrived in the mail yesterday.

Columbia PFG: I love their shirts. My latest: in the past few weeks I’ve added a white, green, and royal blue lightweight Columbia PFG fishing shirts to my collection, to go with my tan, yellow, plaid, black, green, and light blue shirts. There is a Columbia outlet store up at the Outlet Shops of Atlanta in Woodstock.

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