Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Eating Challenges in Georgia

The AJC recently listed places around the state where you could try a Man vs. Food experience: eat a monster meat within a specified time and your meal is free. You earn a spot in their hall of fame plus maybe a T-shirt. Back in the day it might’ve been fun to try, but these days I can’t eat as much as I used to. And I don’t do wings.
Bearfoot Tavern’s Bear Mace Wing Challenge 401 Cherry Street in Macon $10.00 - 15 minutes to eat 12 hot hot wings.
Mazey’s 3 pound Hamburger Eating Challenge 105 Marie Church Road in Dublin $25.00 - 40 minutes to eat the big burger plus 2 pounds of fries.
The Peach Pit’s Quad Burger Challenge 2505 Plant Ave in Waycross $25.00 in one sitting eat a 10 inch 4 pound burger plus a pound of fries. You get a $75.00 prize.
Cheeky’s No Way Jose Burrito Challenge 4475 Roswell Road in Marietta $30.00 to eat a 7 pound 2 foot long burrito in one sitting.
The BigShow Burger Challenge 1212 Brampton Ave Statesboro $30.00 - 30 minutes eat a stacked burger with toppings and a pound of fries.
Cannon Brew Pub’s Turning Blue Burger Challenge 1041 Broadway Road in Columbus $30.00 - 30 minutes to eat 3 burger patties, 3 slices of cheese, 8 strips of bacon – plus chili cheese fries. Finish and you earn a T shirt.
The Square Pub’s T-Rex Burger Challenge 115 Sycamore Street Decatur $30.00 - 30 minutes eat a stacked burger with 3 layers of beef and toppings and cheesy tater tots.
B&D’s Bring it on Burger Challenge 13 E Broughton Street Savannah $35.00 - 35 minutes eat 3 one pound patties with veggies and 1 pound of fries.
Brett’s Beast Burger Challenge 3190 Atlanta Highway in Athens $40.00 one hour to eat a 6 lb patty on a giant bun.
Big Pie in the Sky’s 30 inch Carnivore Pizza Challenge 2090 Baker Road Kennesaw $50.00 two must eat the 11 pound pizza loaded with meat toppings. $250.00 prize for finishers. Man vs Food failed.
The 2 foot Big Easy Grille Not So Easy Sandwich Challenge 1193 Collier Road Atlanta $65.00 one hour to eat a 2 foot long sandwich loaded with meat and toppings – plus 3 sides.
There used to be a challenge in Roswell as well.

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