Monday, October 12, 2015

GT/Clemson Recap

Another weekend on the go. Anna came home from Athens so Friday night so the four of us ate at California Pizza Kitchen. I had the BBQ Chicken Salad. Afterwards I had to drive up to Cumming to fetch Matthew.
Saturday Joan and I left before 9 am headed to Clemson. Traffic on 85 North was heavy. Met Rusty and Jordan in Anderson then we picked up Catherine at her apartment. Tailgated with Phil, Teresa, Vic, Zane, his girlfriend, and Phil’s co-worker and his son. Ben made an appearance. Chicken salad, ham sandwiches, pimento cheese, chips, cookies, soda, water, and beer. The rain continued to drizzle most of the day. Most of us walked over to the other side of the stadium for the Tiger Walk. Afterwards the three Georgia Tech busses rolled up. Back at the car we flagged down a golf cart to shuttle Joan to the stadium. The one that pulled up was carrying Kelly’s uncle. We went in the stadium over an hour before game time. For the most part the ponchos kept us dry. We watched warm-ups and looked for Ben.
Once the game started it was all Clemson. The Tigers are pretty good, and Tech is pretty bad. Clemson shut down the run, and Tech’s O-line can’t pass block a lick. Every Tech score came on a Clemson mistake: (1) a first quarter fumble resulted in a Butker field goal, (2 and 3) missed pass coverages left two Tech receivers wide open for scores, and (4) a Clemson fumble was recovered in the end zone for a touchdown. The score was much closer than the actual game. Clemson fans were typical zealots. Halfway through the second quarter an obvious Tiger penalty gave Tech their first first down of the game. From all the moaning and groaning you’d have thought Clemson had lost.
Clemson could win the rest of their games. FSU is improving but looks beatable. The Tigers are becoming more dominant and confident. But can they win on the big stage, in a national semi-final? I’m not sure.  
At halftime we made our way out. The Tech band was performing and a Clemson fan about my age was telling his father that “most of Tech’s band were actually Georgia State students.” We were walking past as he embellished his tale. I looked at the father and shook my head, telling him it wasn’t true. During halftime so many fans get their hand stamped and walk outside to smoke or drink or tailgate. Another golf cart ferried us back to Rusty’s supposedly unlocked car. I hopped off the cart to check, and Phil opened the door – he had beaten us back to the car. We listened to the second half on the radio while munching on sandwiches.
I was checking my phone for GA/Tenn updates. Saw where Chubb had been hurt. As the Dawgs lost the lead the uniformed haters started their complainers resurfaced. “We need a quarterback” Didn’t they know that before the season started? Didn’t the quarterback hit the receiver in the hands? Was the dropped pass the quarterback’s fault? Was it Richt’s fault? “Fire Richt!” If Richt is fired the much-needed top-ranked QB in the country won’t sign with Georgia. But the zealots forget about that. They think that just because the Falcons can change coaches and with luck eke out five close victories (over five below-average teams) then Georgia can change coaches and beat Alabama. Apples and oranges.  
Jordan and Vic returned, showing us photos of the large fish some student had inexplicably smuggled into the game. Rusty returned and deftly maneuvered us through traffic over to Beau’s off campus apartment. They dropped me at my car and I was on the road headed home by eight. Made it home before ten and watched the end of FSU/Miami.
Had a good speaker at JFBC Sunday School. Bryant preached. Watched the Falcons and napped. Will came home after taking MC back to the airport. Of the 800 who applied for the Augusta PA school he is one of 150 to get an interview (this next Friday). The bad news is that he and MC will start off with only one car between them, but maybe Will will get one as a graduation present. C, W, and I drove M down to Grace Midtown, picked up a book in Buckhead Barnes & Noble, and ate at Willys. I worked on eBay and went back to get Matthew. Was midnight before I got to bed – then I had to let Barney out at 2 am. I survived the wet on Saturday, but Sunday night I came home and kicked off my shoes and socks  and put on shorts and got cold. I’ve been sneezing ever since. Tonight I will bundle up.
If the new Big Ketch in Roswell specializes in steak then maybe I can entice Ceil with that. She loves steaks. Have you ever heard of Chicken Salad Chick? There is one out near Claire at the Super Target. Ceil and Will ate at the East Cobb location on Friday with Joan and MC. They liked it pretty good. Looks like a couple from Auburn AL started it.

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