Friday, October 02, 2015

Middle Age

I’m having a hard time getting motivated to exercise. I probably need a physical. Perhaps a protein deficiency or something. I don’t feel tired but I don’t have much energy. Hopefully the more I exercise the more energy I’ll have. I walked both Wednesday and Thursday morning. Every other day I need to do pushups and exercises with hand weights. Every day I also need to walk and do sit-ups. I need you to get onto me if I don’t. This morning of course it was raining. Barney kept waking me up so I finally went downstairs to sleep. I should’ve at least done the weights and pushups and sit-ups but didn’t. I need to clear out the garage so I can do the stationary bike on rainy days, but I’ll have to get rid of some other stuff first.

I write down how far I go on my worksheet calendar where I record what and where we eat, and what we’re doing and the kids are going. I like weighing every day as well. We used to have a scale at work, located just a few feet from where my new desk is located. But the scale’s owner transferred to Charleston and she took the scale with her.

Worked until 6:45 Thursday night, then stopped by Wendy’s and a couple of stores on the way to Cumming to pick up M. Got chili, and it wasn’t too bad. It was raining hard just north of my office but not in Cumming. Bought M a pair of shoes – hopefully he will wear them. He seemed excited. I let him drive the 24 miles home. It was almost nine by then. Ceil had cooked stew, salad, and French bread but I had already eaten. She was watching Project Runway. After that I flipped over to The Middle. Even Matthew is starting to like The Middle.

Now that the Falcons are 3-0 all of a sudden Matt Ryan is an elite QB again.

Monday I will be traveling all day, driving to Augusta and back – so you might not get many emails from me. My plan is to go early so I can get back for my 5:30 focus group.

I need to tell you the story of the president who said he had a share of stock. He told a long story, and eventually he said the stock split. So I piped up and said ”Then you had TWO shares of stock!” The president was taken aback, then realized how I figured that out. He really liked that comment.

I might have told you that last December some of the ladies in the office decorated the lobby for Christmas. I thought it would be funny to move the wicker reindeer to different locations in the lobby, like next to a different chair every day. The reindeer was brittle so I was careful not to break it. It was all in fun, but it made some of the serious minded ladies furious. They even stuck a note to the reindeer asking for it not to be moved. Since it turned into such a problem I quit moving it.

Move forward to this week. Some other ladies put a few Halloween decorations out in the lobby, including a black cat and some sort of bird. I immediately went on record saying I would not mess with the decorations. Well someone else did – stealing the cat and bird. When the cool new human resources guy stopped by I told him the whole story. He was like me, thinking it was a funny gag. Today all the decorations were removed.

Back in the day the office was so much more family oriented. We’d decorate for holidays and have covered dish luncheons and annual picnics at Six Flags or Stone Mountain for everyone’s family. The company would buy the ham at Christmas and hot dogs for the big Halloween costume party. We still have a catered employee lunch at Christmas, but with so many of the old gang retired there are so few people who know how things are run and get things done. But overall we’re headed in the right direction, which is good.

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