Friday, October 09, 2015

This and That

Tuesday was PF Chang again. Ceil, her mom, and Matthew spent Wednesday out shopping. They ate lunch at the Westside Taqueria Del Sol, so they didn’t want to drive a long way to eat Mexican again. Instead we went back to Moxie Burger. They had live entertainment on the deck but we ate inside. My burger was better this time because I made the following changes: got it cooked well done instead of medium well. Medium well was raw in the middle. Well was still pink inside, but cooked. Also got a fried egg on top. I usually don’t get cheese but since I got egg I got cheese. M got a bacon cheeseburger. Ceil usually gets chicken but got a burger last night. I had leftovers for lunch.

Between staying up late to drive M, and the dog keeping me up, and trying to get early to exercise (and the few times I actually have) I haven’t been getting much good sleep lately. The tiredness to starting to get to me. After the long drive Monday I worked on my blog but forgot to post it – the first time in a year that I missed a day. On the drive home from work yesterday I almost fell asleep. Last night I forgot to do some things. With all the extra going out to eat I have been drinking more soft drinks. I did sleep better Wednesday night.

Thursday: Left work at five for my 6 pm focus group. Didn’t get home until 8:30. M went to the coffee ship in Midway GA. Ceil and her mom ate lunch with Will in Athens, visited with Anna in her room, and ate at La Madeline on the way back. Watched the President’s Cup on TV.

Focus group: being in a room with a group of strangers talking about certain topics helps keep me humble. I’m all too guilty of type-casting groups of people and these groups remind me just how smart others are, as well as how many endure hardships much worse than me. There are always bad eggs taking advantage of the system, but certainly not everyone. It’s also interesting to wonder why certain people give up an evening of their time to make $100.00. Some are happy to give their opinion but not all of those people understand what’s being asked. I just hope I’m not one of them.

Trick or Treating is fun for the kids and I’m glad mine had the chance to experience it like I did. A good memory. It’s fun to see the kids all dressed up and excited. I haven’t had anything memorable happen to me at Halloween, that I recall. We did used to like getting a penny or nickel as a treat instead of candy – we felt rich. And the neighborhood dads used to like it when I would give out one full sized candy bar instead of 2 or 3 of the tiny “fun size” bars. I would stock up on the big bars at Kroger when they were on sale for 25 cents. Even when the tiny bars were ten for a dollar the big bars were a better deal. On Halloween Ceil doesn’t mind donning a baseball jersey for a chance to eat at Chipotle. This year Halloween is on Saturday during the GA/FL game. I don’t want to miss that.

We hardly decorate for Christmas and don’t for Halloween, though for the most part it’s fun to see other people’s decorations. As I’ve mentioned, at work some of the ladies decorate the foyer. When HR decided some of the decorations were not befitting the proper office image the cat and crow were removed without first discussing it with the decorators. I’m not sure everyone in the office is being treated equally, which is discouraging. Makes you wonder what will happen at Christmastime. There was even talk of taking down the portrait of Mr. Tull. First the Ten Commandments are removed from the Oklahoma City courthouse, and now this. The changes in the world are starting to hit closer to home.

Whenever some people at work do something they have to go tell five people what they did. They can’t move on to their next task. This morning I had to do something I usually don’t do, so it took me a minute to figure it out. I knew I just needed to look hard and I would see which button to push. When some 15 year employees get stuck they immediately ask – taking up two people’s time instead of one. I’d rather figure it out myself. Better to not let people learn what I don’t know.

Baseball: I may have to root for the Cubs and Astros. My favorites in order from best to worst: Cubs, Astros, Cards, Texas, Toronto, Royals, Mets, Dodgers. I doubt I’ll watch much of the playoffs. I’ll enjoy going to the GT/Clemson game but hate missing the GA/Tenn game.

GT question: After losing to Notre Dame, Duke and UNC, and with games yet to be played against VA, Virginia Tech, Pitt, FSU, Clemson, and GA – will Tech win enough to become bowl eligible? I’m not the only person wondering what Clemson team will show up to play Georgia Tech. Will there be a letdown after the big Notre Dame win? The Tigers should also be hungry to avenge last year’s loss at Grant Field. Many at Clemson think Tech has their number. After three straight losses the Jackets need to be ready to turn things around, but can they?

Still can’t believe Reid didn’t know my mom, who grew up on the NW corner of Peachtree & Stratford. House was later turned into the Church of Christ Scientist. Kids were Lowry McBath, Harriet McBath, and Marion McBath (my mom). Their cousin John Wayt, who later founded the Atlanta Steeplechase, lived a couple of houses down Stratford. Back in the 80’s before 400 was built when that Dale Drive area connected over to Lenox we would cut through that neighborhood. I always remember a house on a corner that always had 2 or 3 old Corvaire cars parked in the driveway.

Matthew isn’t a big sports fan but is good at spotting athletes. Earlier this week he spotted Jeff Francoeur and his pregnant wife at Perimeter Mall. Last summer he saw Cardinal Jason Heyward at a Cincinnati yogurt shop. I already mentioned that I asked M if he knew who Joakim Noah was and he did. That’s who M is looking like these days.

Bednarik played for the Eagles. During WW2 the Eagles and Steelers combined teams and played as the Steagles. But Bednarick came along after that.

Columbia outlet store: I love their shirts. My latest: in the past few weeks I’ve added a white, green, and royal blue lightweight Columbia PFG fishing shirts to my collection, to go with my tan, yellow, plaid, black, and light blue shirts. There is a Columbia store up at the Outlet Shops of Atlanta in Woodstock. You gotta try Columbia.

One thing I like about making a drive over to Augusta and back – I can get a good high MPG reading on my car. I used to regularly get 42 MPG or higher on the road. The key is to drive 65 MPH. Made great mileage on the way over but in Augusta I was loaded down with 8 big boxes to carry home. The extra weight may have made for better traction in the rain but lower MPG. Overall I got 38 MPG driving between 65 and 70 MPH most of the way back. When I drive to Clemson the weekend I may have to take the lower MPG CRV, but on the highway I can still get well over 30 MPG in it.

Finally found a home for those NBA player cutouts given to me. I still had them in the same bag for the longest time but figured out where to display them. Price, Muresan, Glen Rice, Tim Hardaway, Sean Kemp, Clifford Robinson, Brian Grant, Horace Grant, Charles Oakley.

Trying to get back to my pushup/sit-up/walking routine this morning. Made 3 miles in 50 minutes. In his book Faithful (about the Red Sox) every morning Stephen King would do his pushups and sit-ups while watching the New England Sports Network reports about the Sox. But I still miss more days than I make.

We saw a commercial for color by number, where you call an 800 number and pay $12.99 plus S&H for 2 coloring books and some pens and pencils. Connect the dots were always fun – also mazes. Guess that’s why I liked Pac Man.

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