Sunday, October 11, 2015

Our Restaurant List

Here’s “our list” of restaurants, though it’s been a while since we’ve been to many of them. I’m sure I left out a few. I go to McDonalds but refuse to put it on the list.

Beth’s in Pageland SC
The Big Ketch
Bojangles (often)
Café Intermezzo
California Dreaming Chastain Road in Kennesaw
California Pizza in Pinestraw Plaza
Carolina Steakhouse Chesterfield SC
Cheeseburger Bobby’s
Cheesecake Factory
Chickfila (often)
Chili’s East Cobb
Chipotle (Ceil) often
Chuy’s near Perimeter Mall
DeKalb Farmer’s Market cafeteria (often)
Delia’s Chicken Sausage on Marietta Street (Anna)
Duluth Diner
El Felix in the Avalon
El Porton at the Stinky Kroger (often)
Fresh Air Bar-b-que in Macon
Flip Burger Buckhead (Mary Clayton)
Five Guys
The Golden Nugget Jefferson SC (often)
Hamburger Hamlet
Longhorn Steakhouse
McAlister’s Deli
Moes (often)
Moxie Burger in Roswell Mill (often)
Nuevo Laredo Cantina on Chattahoochee Ave
O’Charleys East Cobb
Olive Garden on Holcomb Bridge
OK Café on West Paces (Ceil)
Outback Steakhouse
Panda Express (Matthew) often
Panera Bread
PaPa John’s Pizza (often)
Papasitos Cantina on Windy Hill
PF Chang on Mansell (often)
Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Smash Burger
Smokehouse Grill Jefferson SC
Stevens Seafood in North Myrtle Beach
Taco Bell (me and Matthew) often
Taco Mac
Taqueria del Sol
Ted’s Montana Grill (me)
The Varsity
The Vortex in Little Five Points
Waffle House (me and Will)
Wendy’s (me and Matthew) often
Williamson Brothers BBQ east of the Big Chicken
Willys in Pinestraw Plaza (often)  
Yeah Burger in Westside
Zaxbys (often)

Some places are Ceil’s places. Others are just convenient and quick. We tend to go to where C wants to go. Some of those places y’all go sound good: Buttermilk Kitchen, that Egg Café place, etc. So many of those high end burger places I’m not that crazy about but other’s like. Yeah Burger is good but I don’t like the oddball beverage selection. Not a fan of Flip Burger. Smash Burger and Five Guys aren’t as good as Fuddruckers (the best) or Cheeseburger Bobbys. I didn’t have Hamburger Hamlet on my list. I rank it below most of those other fancy burger places. More sizzle than steak. These days the Varsity is more for the experience than the food. Wendy’s beats McDonalds and Arbys and Burger King. Taco Bell beats Del Taco. Moes beats Willys beats Barbaritos beats Chipotle.   

El Felix: Ford Fry is the owner/chef, whose son is pals with M. M and C don’t have classes this week. Last night M went down to the Tabernacle to see the Twenty One Pilots concert. I had to pick him up at the Holcomb Bridge Waffle House at 11:15, so it was another late night.

Chili’s: not one of our regular places but we usually make it there once every year or two. The East Cobb Chili’s is usually packed, probably more due to the lack of competition. That drives us to other places. Not sure where we’re going for M’s birthday tomorrow.

I see The Big Ketch is having a big anniversary celebration this week (I get the emails). The night we went to PF Chang I had suggested to Ceil that we go to The Big Ketch, but we were already at PF Chang.

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