Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Unconditional Love

Considering how UGA blew out SC and Mizzou barely beat SC, it is obvious UGA has regressed – or at least QB Lambert has. Chubb was missed, but Michel took up the slack. Not sure why #22 received more playing time than Keith Marshall. The story has gone viral about Richt hugging kicker Marshall Morgan before the game deciding field goal, telling the youngster he loved him whether or not he made the kick. Shut up many of the fans whose love of the team is totally conditional on whether they win (and win big).

In his postgame interview Richt shared what he told Marshall Morgan before the kick. Richt and Dabo are good about saying what they want to say in those short pregame / postgame interviews instead of being drawn into the storyline questions being asked by the sideline reporters. Former kicker Rex Robinson shared the photo and took UGA fans to task for their conditional love of the team.

Tech’s offense is getting better but their defense is getting worse. Like every other team Pitt was able to gain 4 or 5 yards on just about every play – both passing and running. No way they’ll beat FSU. Bye bye bowl streak.

Clemson did good to put away Boston College. It helped that it was the first collegiate start for BC’s freshman QB. Tiger QB Deshaun Watson threw for 420 yards but threw two interceptions and missed on several other passes. Next week on the road in Miami will be much rougher. But should Clemson run the table and finish the regular season undefeated Watson could be a Heisman finalist.

The amazing play that ended the Michigan State/Michigan game was remarkably similar to the two botched Georgia Tech punts against Duke and Clemson. Coaches should practice what specialists what to do in that situation. LSU practices the fake field goal every day, and it proved to be the difference in the game Saturday. These last two weeks LSU RB Leonard Fournette has gained 135 and 180 yards – and fallen even further behind Hershel Walker’s collegiate pace each week. Fournette needs to average 260 yards per game just to keep up with Herschel’s pace.

Not only was Steve Spurrier the guest picker on ESPN College GameDay, at least two of his Nissan Heisman House commercials began to air this weekend. But those were obviously filmed earlier this summer.

Sunday afternoon I had the TV tuned to the NFL Red Zone Channel. I’m liking that channel more and more. Before they sign off at the end of the afternoon games they run a clip of every touchdown scored all afternoon. I thought the overturned call was correct: the Lion caught the pass, then took three steps in the end zone before the defender knocked the ball loose. If you have most of the other sports channels (NFL Network, SEC Network, ESPNU, MLB Network, ESPN Classic, etc.) then you probably have Red Zone. It may only be on Sunday afternoons. I find it by searching for channel 733 (which spells RED) or 635733 (which spells out NFLRED).

Thought: poor Calvin Johnson toils away year after year for the mediocre Lions, yet has the tools superior to even the great Jerry Rice – who racked up huge numbers playing for the 49ers dynasty. IS Calvin the wide receiver version of Herschel Walker?

This football season isn’t turning out too good, is it? At least my high school beat their rival 41-0. I saw where Georgia State won. I bought a Grady High football shirt but it is one of those tight stretchy ones. Maybe the Hawks can have another good year.

Thursday afternoon I headed over to Alpharetta to pick up Matthew. On the way home I shopped for a phone case but wound up using a gift card to buy one on Amazon. M bought part of his Halloween costume and some jeans. I got some Ecco golf shoes, jeans, and a Tech golf shirt. Took a nap Thursday afternoon before heading to my focus group. Ceil and Dawn went to some sort of fundraiser on West Conway to see Dawn’s other Atlanta friend.  

Left Duluth at 1:30 Friday and still got stuck in bad traffic. 285 had 6 miles of backup so I took North Druid Hills to 85 so I could get stuck downtown instead. Then it was worse south of the airport in Morrow and McDonough. My mom had fixed a delicious dinner, then I drove my dad over to the stadium for the 40th reunion of my state championship football team. Great seeing the old guys. Some looked great, and others not so much. Afterwards I met up with many of them above the Rookery, and downtown restaurant/pub.

Saturday morning I trimmed hedges than drove back. Bad wreck at the airport had virtually shut down traffic. Listened to the first half of the Tech game on the radio and watched the second half. Washed clothes and cleaned downstairs. M went to Six Flags. Ceil got home about the time GA/MO and Clemson/BC started. After those games I packaged three eBay packages and mailed them off.

Slept through Sunday School. Did lots of needed cleaning upstairs. Got out the winter clothes, which took most of the afternoon. C drove M to church and later I picked him up.

These days I am hating traffic and cleaning more than ever. There’s a bunch to clean before the wedding. I drive slower than I used to – 60 MPH on the interstate instead of 70-75. I stay in the slow lane.

I need to watch that What to Expect movie. I just haven’t been in a movie watching mood for the longest time.

I eat Taco Bell and it’s ok. Taco Bell is better than most other fast food places. Wendy’s too. Hardees is ok but so bad for you. Del Taco is far worse than Taco Bell – they don’t warm up their burrito shells, they just wrap the ingredients and it flops apart. Last Friday you could get a free sausage biscuit at McDonalds if you wear your pajamas.

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