Thursday, October 22, 2015

Man of Many Moves

While working for one company I have worked at over 13 different desks:

1. TMP receiving office
2. TMP inside sales desk
3. Blue building mezzanine
4. TMP plant quality office
5. TMP scheduling
6. Washington Metals office in Lawrenceville
7. Norcross Fab Department
8. North Berkeley office front
9. North Berkeley office back
10. 01 Sales office by window
11. 01 Sales office in middle
12. Program Sales office by window
13. 01 Sales office in back

I’ve worked for at least a month in TMP receiving, TMP office, the Blue Building, TMP plant, TMP scheduling, Lawrenceville, Norcross Fabrication, North Berkeley, Greensboro, Little Rock, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Tulsa, Dallas, Orlando, Houston, 01 Sales, and Program Sales - 18 different places in my 28 years with the company.

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