Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Final Jeopardy

A Final Jeopardy answer this week: 
ANSWER: Among the guests attending their anniversary party in 2005 celebrating 75 years were Dick Tracy, Dilbert & Dennis the Menace.
The 75th anniversary of ‘Blondie’ is Sept. 8 [2005], but the comic will begin marking the milestone this Sunday… according to King Features Syndicate…. The anniversary story line will also be referenced in other comics — and not just King ones. King said the participating features will include ‘B.C.,’ ‘Beetle Bailey,’ ‘Bizarro,’ ‘Curtis,’ ‘Dick Tracy,’ ‘For Better or For Worse,’ ‘Garfield,’ ‘Gasoline Alley,’ ‘Hagar the Horrible,’ ‘Marvin,’ ‘Mother Goose & Grimm,’ ‘Mutts,’ ‘The Family Circus,’ ‘The Wizard of Id,’ and ‘Zits.’ … Meanwhile, Young will feature characters from these and other comics — including ‘Dennis the Menace’ and ‘Dilbert’ — in the ‘Blondie’ story line. Also, George and Laura Bush will appear in caricature. (Editor & Publisher)
I used to read the funny papers when I got a hard copy of the paper. Eventually I stopped reading because it took too much time. Beetle Baily. Blondie. Family Circus. Nancy and Sluggo. Snuffy Smith. BC. Garfield. I did like Steve Canyon and as a kid the Phantom. Dick Tracy was ok. I liked the gadgets but not the storyline. Doonesbury wasn’t that funny and too wordy. How many times have I mentioned Al Dodd modeled his Mark Trail character after my Uncle John Wayt?
The last time I saw Bob Marsh (not sure when, perhaps a wedding or funeral or Super Bowl party over two years ago) he raved about the Peachtree Pres Sunday School class, and rattled off several names like Hayes and Phillips. Jim’s son Trey played a little basketball at Lovett, but as a teenager didn’t come to many SPdL youth activities – mostly Sunday School. They had a daughter as well.
Whenever I used to talk to Bruce about North Point or Passion City Church he’d say housewives in their 40’s and 50’s liked to go there for the emotional worship experience. I’d always try to drag him along to see how the preaching was full of meat, Biblical and applicable, but Bruce would never go. Somewhere along the way he finally saw the light. A few weeks ago Bruce volunteered downtown at the Passion Conference, and loved it so much he posted a bunch of photos on Facebook.  
Sunday a short segment of Andy Stanley’s sermon went viral, where he told the over-45 set to not obsess over the things going on in the political arena, and instead focus on the God who is control of all things. The AJC posted it on Facebook and an AJC editor even mentioned it in his column - causing many to take Andy’s comment out of context (including Harold Hall’s son David). They thought he was delving too far into politics and telling people how to vote, which couldn’t have been further from what he actually said.
Monday: Nothing to report. Ceil cooked a good chili with ground beef, black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, and chopped onions. All the ingredients lessened the impact of the beef, which was ok with me but not C and M. I’m the one who eats all the leftovers anyway. I like a little corn in my chili as well.
Watched The Middle and Last Man Standing. I’ve seen most of the episodes of The Middle now so it’s not as fun.  Also Jeopardy. I knew the final question which 2 of the 3 missed (the two youngsters – see above).  
Fat Tuesday is February 9th. For $19.99 at Fuddruckers you get a three pound burger, a pound of fries, and a bottomless Coke. If one person eats it in an hour they get two future meals and a T shirt. Ceil and I could eat for twenty bucks and take home leftovers.
Anna is busy with school projects, sorority projects, and her babysitting job. February 5-6 is parent’s weekend at her sorority. We’re going to the basketball game but not the gymnastics meet (I think).
They’re starting trivia back here at work. Movie trivia this week which I’m not great at, though I aced today’s questions. Next week I’ll be the quizmaster asking Super Bowl and TV questions.
I want to get to where I am walking/running an hour a day. When it warms up out of the 30’s.

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