Thursday, January 21, 2016


Finally – a photo of the groomsmen: Val, Chandler, Max, Joel, Harry, Kevin, Matthew, and Thomas.
Longtime UGA buddy Valentine Jurma (left) just interviewed to join Will at medical school in Augusta.
Sophomore Will was Chandler Machemehl’s RA his senior year. They took a spring break road trip to UVA, the Appalachian Trail, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. Chandler (back left) is a hoot, can crush a golf ball, and lives in Augusta with his bride of eleven months, Allison.
Max Diener returned from his honeymoon to be the substitute groomsman, escorting his bridesmaid bride Hannah down the aisle for the second time in eight days.
Best man Joel Norman (back middle) towers over the others. Joel is working his music career with Isaac, playing gigs around town and college towns like Auburn. He’s also a barista in Brookhaven.
Harrison Cloud was Will’s longtime friend at UGA, and roommate in their house on Springdale.
Kevin Brock (back right) taught Sunday School with Will at North Point, and graduated with Will and Joel from Living Science. In May he graduates from Auburn and begins work as an engineer north of Charlotte.
Seventeen year-old brother of the groom Matthew Murphy strikes a serious pose.
High school senior Thomas Gilbert (right) is Mary-Clayton’s brother, Anna’s former classmate at Living Science, and the target of Lilly Neibur’s accurate slingshot in 9th grade. Great hair.
NOTES: I love tater tots, cole slaw, and potato cakes. I am trying to stay away from them. Haven’t lost much weight yet but I’m drinking a lot of water. Worked out again this morning, so I have a streak going.
Tuesday: Left work at six. Traffic heavy, so it was after seven before I got home. Ceil cooked meatballs and tossed salad. I skipped the noodles and French bread. Watched Jeopardy and Fixer Upper, then drove to Alpharetta to fetch M at his worship service. Worked on my computer and went to bed.
Wednesday: M’s school in Alpharetta is closing at noon because they have so many students that live north of there. Guess I should’ve driven Will’s Jeep. Another slow evening. Leftover meatballs and spinach. Jeopardy, The Middle, Duck Dynasty, and the premiere of the Duck Dynasty spinoff Jep & Jessica.
Willie is goofy, Jase the tough guy, but Jep is the funniest. His wife Jessica is the prettiest and most personable. Willie’s wife Korie is smart/business oriented like Willie. Jase’s wife Missy sings the best but comes off as a nag (I probably would as well). Anyway, Jep and Jessica adopted a newborn baby. Perhaps they're doing their small part to bring the races together in a time of worsening racial tension, I don't know.

Thursday: Busy day. Also been working on a comparison of Adrian Peterson and Herschel Walker. Guess who gained more yards?
With snow to the north I’m worried about taking two cars to SC this weekend.

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