Friday, January 08, 2016

Rehearsal Friday

With the Tech Tower behind her, the bride sits among the wedding party, all wearing paper Varsity hats. MC was obviously wondering just what I was taking a picture of.

Friday was a long but wonderful day. I was on the road with my parents from Macon at 6:30 am. Hitting Atlanta's rush hour traffic was a certainty, but we made it up 400 to East Cobb shortly after nine. Ceil headed to Indigo Falls with Molly to decorate, and I was off to get Matthew's hair cut. We left Ceil's mom upstairs to get ready.
After the haircut we headed downtown to meet the wedding party. Will and his groomsmen were at the new Midtown TopGolf. I shot this video of them all hitting shots: Harry, Kevin, Matthew, Thomas, Chandler, Joel, and Will. Chandler (above) was a beast. Kevin (below) held his own.
Dr. Gilbert drove the bridesmaids and the roving Oklahoma minstrels to the World of Coke. The minstrels sang beautifully at the wedding, enlivened all the festivities, and made the most of every photo op (below). 
Afterward we all met for lunch at the Varsity.
Minstrels above and groomsmen below.
On the way home we stopped by Kroger, Chickfila, and the seamstress to get Ceil's dress. It was past 2 pm when both Ceil and I made it home. Joan was weak. We all packed up and drove to the hotel in Kennesaw, then another hour in rush hour traffic west of Dallas to Indigo Falls.
More on the rehearsal later this week.

Another link to the golf video: 

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