Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Wedding Begins

On Saturday all the wedding activity started early. The girls had their hair done, and picture taking started at one. When I arrived at two the guys were downstairs lounging in the groom’s room. Ceil and I and Tom and Regina had our pictures taken. Some of the locations had to be changed so early-arriving guests walking the grounds wouldn't show up in the background.

Later the immediate families had their pictures taken out front. The guests were starting to arrive, so we made our way back downstairs. Joel presented Will with a gift from the groomsmen: a tool kit complete with hatchet. Unmarried, Kevin Brock mused that it might come in handy later that night. I thought they’d use it to kill the spider they found.  
The roving minstrels and other musicians practiced upstairs. They also took time to pose for more pictures. Later they were allowed downstairs to greet Mary-Clayton. The groomsmen cast lots to see which would go upstairs to usher in the guests. After walking the premises with his wife, Pastor Kevin came in to speak with Will and pray with the men. Dr. Tom paced. We discussed whether we’d be able to handle this emotionally. His answer: think about the Chicago Bears. I suggested we hit shoulders like football players before the game. I made a couple of trips upstairs to see who had arrived.
Wedding director Myra kept in contact with the Indigo Falls team, keeping apprised of the flow of guests from on the parking lot on the shuttles. Since we weren’t in a hurry, it was decided to delay the wedding so the shuttles could bring more guests. Finally, it was time.
Walking upstairs, the reality hit Ceil: her mother was not there. She cried, but composed herself in time for Matthew to escort her down the aisle. I was handed a program to carry under my jacket, but when I forgot about it, it fell to the floor. I wound up carrying it down the aisle. Walking to the front I felt like a goof, smiling at friends along the way. I forgot to shake Matthew’s hand. Sitting down, things started to happen fast. Pastor Kevin, Will, and Joel entered from a side door I hadn’t noticed. Ceil whispered, reminding me that we would be going to the front for a time of prayer. Having missed the rehearsal, this was certainly news to me. I would take my cue from Tom.  

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