Wednesday, January 06, 2016

New Year, New Immortals

Tonight Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza were voted into the baseball Hall of Fame. Both played for several teams and it will be interesting to see which cap each wears - though both could solve the problem the same way. Junior's distinctive look was the backwards cap, and catcher Piazza could appear with a backwards helmet (all the previous catchers inducted into the hall all wear caps with team logos).

Like Greg Maddux, Griffey was not an unanimous inductee. Three voters inexplicably left hIm off their ballots.

December 30: Worked til 5:30 then came home and cleaned until 10 pm. Will and MC and her brother came over to spend the night. Ceil and Anna were out shopping.

Busy New Year's Eve. Left at 6:30 am to take MC to the airport. Had to drive from East Cobb to SW Cobb twice, then to Norcross to fetch M. With Oklahoma losing Will is in a crappy mood. Worse than crappy actually.

C cooked burgers and fries. W brought Thomas and Joel over for dinner, so we had 7 at the table.

New Year's Day I watched football, including TCU's big comeback and the Rose Bowl. Will was woodworking in the garage then he burned a bunch of excess wood. Later he went to pick up MC at the airport. Anna and M picked up PaPaJohns for dinner.

Busy Saturday morning getting by Civic recall done as well as taking a load to the dump. Stopped by chickfila on the way. Missed the start of the Georgia game but watched the rest. W&MC went to the airport to pick up a bridesmaid.

JFBC on Sunday morning. Will and MC also went there. W and C went shopping and later A and M went to Grace Midtown, so I watched the Falcons and the movie Regarding Henry.

Monday I took M to school, met with the principal, and stopped by Pine Straw Plaza. Picked up M while C and W got haircuts and met with the caterers. I still have a bunch to do.

Monday night W&MC packed. Pork tenderloin for supper, though earlier I had cooked myself two bacon and cheese sandwiches. Watched The Middle and Last Man Standing. Later Will, now the big Oklahoma fan, raced into the room at 10:55 and said "turn it to ESPN!" We watched the last 3 minutes of the game and the first two overtones. Kansas got the last shot all three times. When they went to the third overtime I went to bed. Durned EST!

Destin would be peaceful. It's great to just look out the window at the water. Makes it hard to watch TV. 

Started reading Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly. Finished Johnny Carson, which was educational.

Took M to school Tuesday morning and stopped by Chickfila. W and C went to work with the caterers. Tuesday night Ceil cooked chili. I was starved. Today MC took two of her bridesmaids (and Will) to Moxie Burger). M had CFA for lunch and McDonald's for breakfast.

Wedding driving me crazy. Met with M's principal today. Tire low on air. Anna had a meeting so I had to finish the tree. And laundry. And dishes. Ceil and Will were busy with other stuff. Then Will burned the tree, so there will be that mess to clean up. Now my new phone keeps cutting off.

Good column by Dave O'Brien about Bobby Dews, the best tribute so far. Do you remember when Dews played basketball and baseball at Tech?
I haven't been as productive as I've needed to be but I have been getting a little done.

Over the weekend Will's cousin called to say he couldn't serve as a groomsman in the wedding, since he'd be working on the sidelines at the national championship game. Understandable since it's his job, though everyone should've known a month ago that should Clemson beat Oklahoma he wouldn't be able to make the wedding (though owning up to this and admitting as much would've been tough). His family is spending a lot of money on Orange Bowl and National Championship Game tickets and hotel rooms and four airline tickets, so another roundtrip airline ticket would've been tough - even if he had been able to get away. As hurt as Will was, he was able to quickly and easily line up a replacement groomsman.

Groomsmen: I had Ceil's brother and two cousins, my brother, David Hurt, and my best friend from high school Don Lott. Five of those six will be at Will's wedding. Jeff Yearwood sang. I probably should've picked Don Head and roommate Tom Leuze.

Joel is Will's best man. I'm glad W picked high school pal Kevin Brock, who is no longer dating Haley Hurt. also Matthew and MC's brother Thomas. The rest are college buddies. You can get the scoop at

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