Monday, January 25, 2016

Top 10 Long-Lasting Cars

Ten cars that most often last their owners 200,000 miles or more, from Consumer Reports and
Toyota Prius hybrid
Toyota Camry 4 cylinder
Honda Odyssey minivan
Honda Pilot large SUV
Toyota Corolla sedan
Honda Accord 4 cylinder
Honda CRV small SUV
Toyota Sienna minivan
Toyota Highlander large SUV
Honda Civic sedan (above)
Not sure of the order, whether the Prius or Civic is number one. Probably the Civic. If so we own two of the top four longest-lasting cars. In order of my favorites: Prius, Camry, Accord, Civic, CRV, Highlander, Pilot, Corolla, Odyssey, Sienna. I like sedans and don’t like minivans. Owners of most of these cars are probably more likely to take care of them and give them the needed service so they will last longer. Owners of cheapo Chevys and Fords probably wouldn’t service their cars as diligently, and owners of new luxury cars aren’t going to keep them for 200,000 miles.
Ever notice how every couple on HGTV’s Fixer Upper drives a large SUV or minivan? Never a sedan.
Remember Medieval Nights? Or is it Medieval Knights? Once a character in a movie had a job at one of those places, and she had to introduce herself “Good evening. I will be your serving wench.”
Thursday: same story. Worked until after six then hit seemingly every light on the way home. Stopped for gas at a Kroger. Still made decent time home. Ceil was off at a Johnson Ferry ladies event, but had left a grilled cheese sandwich that I dipped in tomato soup. M fixed himself two chicken soft tacos but only ate one, so I devoured the other. Worked on the computer and watched Seinfeld, Jeopardy, Big Bang, and The Middle.
Friday I left work at four, concerned there would be another traffic jam. No such thing – the roads were clear all the way home. People mentioned bad traffic earlier in the day, but many took the day off or left at noon. I made such good time that I stopped by the library and Goodwill. Got home and M wanted to go to his friend’s house in Town Lake, past Woodstock and almost to the new outlets on 575 – over 20 miles away. Again traffic was super light. Ceil rode along and we made it home in no time. Watched The Middle. Ceil cooked black beans.
Saturday I cleaned upstairs and did a little laundry. Later in the afternoon I drove Will’s Jeep out to pick up M. On the way back I gassed up the Jeep for $0.939 per gallon (I had a big BP discount). Ceil was out getting groceries so I watched Tech fall short at the end of the game AGAIN. C cooked chicken soft tacos. Watched The Book of Manning on ESPN Classic and a cheesy move on Hallmark or Lifetime.
Sunday we braved the cold at JFBC. Picked up Moes for M. Ceil drove him up to Cumming. Watched most all of Brady/Manning and the start of Palmer/Newton. I was ok with either team winning the AFC though Peyton was certainly the sentimental choice. Hopefully he will retire after the Super Bowl and Eli will win the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. Eli is one of three nominees, though outspoken Saint tight end Ben Watson (from UGA) would also be a good choice.  
Got up this morning and worked out, and even prayed. Was on track to leave for work extra early, then received a call from work needing something done immediately. Delayed me 20 minutes. Then when I got to work I had to figure out another problem. People don’t know the answer to things and neither do I. But I have to figure them out. I’ve got to stop letting things like that bother me so much.   
Last week I told the guys at work that NE wasn’t as strong as season’s past, and the Denver defense could carry the day. I would love it if they can slow down the Panthers. Peyton won’t turn the ball over, so if he can get in the end zone the Broncos might have a chance to win the game. That would be so good the silence Cam Newton. Sports Illustrated ran a picture of dozens of Panthers celebrating the Seahawk win and posing for a picture. Newton was nowhere to be seen, as he was off celebrating off on his own.
Co-worker Dialysis has missed 7 of 9 work days. He had to return to the hospital all weekend for a different malady. Not sure when he will return.
Not sure where the getaway car came from, or if they took any honeymoon photos. You’d think they would’ve. When we went to Bermuda we took pictures!
No SC trip this weekend due to weather. We have a commitment next Saturday night so hopefully we can put it off until February.

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