Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Staying Positive

Keeping a positive attitude is hard. Our brains are hard-wired to look out for and focus on threats. Pessimism is bad for your health. Studies show optimists are physically and psychologically healthier. Research shows a pessimists’ health declines rapidly with age. Optimists also perform better at their jobs. How to stay positive:
(1) SEPARATE FACT FROM FICTION. Write down any negative thoughts. Later evaluate the statements to see if they’re factual. A statement probably isn’t true if it includes words like never, always, worst, ever, etc. What you may think always happens actually only happens a small percentage of the time.
(2) IDENTIFY A POSITIVE. Consciously select something positive to think about, so you won’t have to think about negative things.
(3) CULTIVATE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATTITUDE. Studies show thankful people have better moods, energy, and less anxiety.  
My old boss Steve Apollo called yesterday. We talked for 47 minutes, our first conversation in several years. He sounded great and is cancer free, but the chemo and bone marrow has weakened his immune system and left him in a lot of pain. Steve’s great attitude despite continued hardship over the years is a testimony to his close relationship with God and the guidelines above. Then we found out co-worker Randy (who used to live off Lindbergh across Piedmont from MARTA) – Monday morning his daughter in Seattle was murdered by her teenager daughter’s 19 year old boyfriend, in an argument over his drug problem. Randy, another fine example of a positive attitude, was on his way out to Seattle late yesterday.
Friday: worked until 6 pm then headed to Cumming to pick up M. Stopped by Kroger for cereal to snack on, found Special K Protein on sale. Also bought a nice warm sweater and an all-white pair of Ryan Moore’s True Linkswear golf shoes that I’ll probably sell.
Saturday I cleaned upstairs until after noon. Ceil cooked breakfast and brought it to me. Later she and M ran errands.
GT/VT – I watched most of the second half and saw the lead crumble in the last few minutes. Most I had watched all year, so I figured I jinxed them. GT had a chance at the end but the gave it to the wrong man – he didn’t even get off a shot. Same guy badly missed a similar chance last year.
REID: Tech basketball team looked BAD Sat. No 1,s 2,s or 3s - Looked like last year. Blew a 14 pt lead.  Louisville coming up Sat !!!

ME: Saturday evening we went to The Picture Show to see “Bridge of Spies” by Steven Spielberg with Tom Hanks. Based on the true story about the negotiations to return pilot Gary Powers to the US. Very good – you need to see it. Theater was crowded – we had to sit on the second row on the side.
Got home at ten and turned on the Cardinals Packers game. Great ending. Cards stuff Pack on fourth down and kick a field goal to go up seven. With 90 yards to go to tie, Rodgers converts on fourth down after pass interference on third down isn’t called. With two seconds left Rodgers is forced left and wings a prayer into the end zone that’s ruled a bobbling catch. Touchdown, tie game, and overtime. Rodgers demands a re-toss when the coin inexplicably does not flip. On the second play Palmer finds a wide open Fitzgerald, who races 75 yards to the Packer five. Then an inside pass to Fitzgerald for the touch – Cards win. Al Michaels, Chris Collinsworth, and Bob Costas were almost speechless. Was after midnight before I went to bed.
Johnson Ferry Sunday morning. Then C went to Passion City Church. I stopped by Kroger and Dollar Tree then ran M to Roswell to apply for a job. C cooked stew and took M to church. I took a nap and watch a little Panthers/Seahawks and more of the Broncos/Steelers. Not sure if Peyton has enough left in the tank to make a Super Bowl run but with the Broncos great defense and the Patriots struggles, Manning might have a chance. Not sure the Cards can beat the Panthers but I wish they would. After the game Cam Newton snatched a flag from a Seahawks fan. He’ll never win sportsman of the year.
Drove downtown to pick up M. Got back at 10:30 and went to bed.
Monday: Not much to report. Worked until six last night and went home. Ceil grilled chicken tenders and tossed a salad. Tried to get M to do his homework. Watched The Middle and went to bed. Couldn’t sleep.
Both Monday and Tuesday I left home early for work but got stuck in traffic more than usual. Thought I would arrive earlier than I did.
Caroline is taking Anna to California for spring break. No Hargreaves at the wedding – I don’t think Caroline was there. Robert and Trina had RSVP’d but I think she had to stay in Florida when the youngest daughter got sick. Several similar stories are coming through.  
I noticed at the Tacueria on Howell Mill the parking lot is all torn up – probably hurting their business. People have to park in the lot over by Yeah Burger and walk, or cross the street from Anthropologie.
Had my annual review this morning from my “new” boss Garrett, a guy I’ve known for years. Back in the 90’s we used to run the Peachtree together. Received high marks. It’s hard to complain about being overworked when I see all the work Garrett does, without ever complaining. The man is a machine. Funny the shows he watches, like Survivor. Later I had a conference call and an emergency, so it’s been a blur all day. I finally got up and worked out this morning, so I’ll probably go to bed early tonight.

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