Friday, June 17, 2016

Charmin Harmon

Harmon Wages sighting: the AJC recently ran two articles about the Falcon’s former golden boy. While he is one of seven players in NFL history to run for a TD, catch a TD, and throw for a TD in one game, Wages only scored five career touchdowns. Good information.

Lightning knocked out our cable and internet, so Wednesday night we made the switch from Comcast to AT&T. Hope it works out. C went to the ATT store and I called Comcast. Hot dogs for supper. Tough day so I went to bed shortly after nine.

NBA Finals: guess I picked the wrong time for lightning to knock out our TV. I was following the score and comments on my phone but when Cleveland got the big lead I quit paying attention.

Thursday night M was at a concert at the Masquerade. C went with friends to the Ponce City Market. With no one home I worked until eight, then made 3 stops on the way home. Didn’t get home until after nine. Caught up on emails and watched Jim Gaffigan on the new season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (on my phone). Loved the green 1977 VW Westfalia Bus (Jerry’s matching shoes - not so much).

Since C was gone Thursday night and I was late I didn’t eat quite as much. I just eat what Ceil fixes (meatloaf is rarely on the menu). C likes meat and potatoes. I ask for grilled chicken and salad, and quit eating rice, potatoes, and other starches. We often split meals when we go out, but portion control and lack of exercise is my problem. Middle age has hit me like a rock. I need to get in shape cause Anna will be getting married one day and I’m sure there will be pictures.

Speaking of food, my company fed me lunch four times this week. Dreamland BBQ on Monday, Atlanta Bread Company on Wednesday and Thursday, and Ippilito’s Italian food Friday. I’d like to think I have earned the lunches.

Friday morning I stopped at RaceTrac on the way to work. Saw a well-groomed white guy my age with hair completely grey. Was wearing a golf shirt, jeans – and black low cut Kevin Durant sneakers. I wanted to ask him if he was getting a pair of the new Under Armour Steph Curry Two Lows, but I missed him. I was wearing the pair of black Jordan RCVRs I’d just bought. Walking back to my car, taking the same route the guy in the KD’s had just taken, I passed a younger black guy in his pickup at the gas pump. Had he been standing outside I would’ve pointed to the KD guy and said how unbelievable it was an old guy was wearing those sneakers.  

Getting old department 2: this morning I was sitting at my desk. I saw three people about 20 yards away, headed in my direction. Two of them work here in Norcross but the third, with wavy hair, had moved to Chicago. My old boss must be in town visiting. I smiled and waved, then as they got closer I had to speak first to the first two as they walked past. Then it was time to greet my old boss, so I started waving and smiling again. But it wasn’t my old boss – it was someone I had never met before. Probably thought I was weird (which I am).

Trying to get the renowned artist Joe Suggs to help Will’s former classmate/recent SCAD graduate Amber with a little career advice/direction (i.e. a job).

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