Thursday, June 02, 2016

Restaurant Review: Rheas II

Last weekend Anna went whitewater rafting on the Nantahala. M went to a jazz festival at Piedmont Park. I went to the Braves game on Saturday and cleaned house on Sunday/Monday. Anna’s room was full of stuff everywhere so I organized it a little. Tuesday the jeep was in the shop so M couldn’t go anywhere, so we went to Rhea’s II in north Roswell for supper. Not bad but it’s no Moxie Burger or Five Guys.
Will’s car wasn’t starting. He and MC drove to Cartersville last Friday then drove back to Augusta early Sunday for church. They didn’t call but stopped by the house at 7 am and woke me. Since his Jeep wouldn’t crank (after I’d spent all Saturday morning at the shop trying to get it to run), Will drove Anna’s Jeep to Augusta. We’ll switch it back sometime.
This week workers have been at the house fixing things – the ceilings and walls and downstairs bathroom. The foyer has been painted and all the broken windows fixed. C swears she’s going to pain when she gets back from SC: the kitchen/den, the dining room, our bedroom, the laundry room, and the closet in the downstairs bedroom that had the holes in it.
Tuesday night Matthew and I ate at Rheas Burgers #2 in north Roswell. There’s a Rheas #3 near Claire and the original Rheas near the Roswell Big Ketch. We could have gone someone else but I’d wanted to try out Rheas. The burger was great. The d├ęcor was like going back in time. Three other diners were at one table and then it was us. Only one employee making everything to order. He recommended the French toast bun, which turned out good. Would’ve been pretty small had we not opted for the double patty. Whereas the burger was great, the fries and rings were just ok – probably frozen. Not terrible but not great. Good shaved ice. It was a good experience but it’s doubtful we’ll go back, when for the same price two can eat at Moxie Burger or a Fuddruckers special.
After work I had driven by Dunwoody to deliver a bobble. After Rheas we stopped by two thrift stores, Kroger, and BP, so it was almost 9 pm before I got home. M bought a “Halloween Expert” T-shirt and I bought a $100.00 Columbia PFG pullover for seven bucks. Today I bought a pair of black Air Jordan RCVR shoes that I can triple my money on if I want. Stayed up too late on the laptop and packaging more bobbles.
Tuesday was month end – always a busy day, but two coworkers were unexpectedly out. Made for a busy day and a grumpy Dave. I shouldn’t complain. Wanda’s stepson had surgery after a dirt bike accident, Sherryl was bumped from her return flight from Florida, and Dialysis had his propane grill blow up in his face, burning him in several places.
After work Wednesday I delivered a Julio Teheran bobblehead from last year that I’d sold on eBay, saving me shipping. M was in Cumming and there’s nothing on Netflix, so I played on my laptop.
With Ceil out of town I have run out of leftovers for lunch. We always have so much food around the house that I’m trying to eat it all up over the course of the nine days. Wednesday night I used up the last of the ham on a quesadilla, so any more quesadillas will be cheese only (unless I add pepperoni). There’s still a hot dog and PB&J and baked beans and Matthew’s frozen dinners that I’ll save for him. Yesterday for lunch I hit Taco Bell. My coworker is more slammed with work than me and she always complains when I don’t ask her, so yesterday for the first time I brought her something back.
Same deal for Thursday lunch. Coworker suggested Subway so I went out and got that. I had a ham & cheese on multi grain with lots of fixings.
Read John Grisham? Most of his books are about lawyers, and they’re pretty good. Right now I’m reading his latest book, The Rogue Lawyer. I just finished CS Lewis’ “The Four Loves.”

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