Monday, June 20, 2016

LeBron > Jordan?

Along with every other MLB team, on Sunday the Braves wore special Father's Day uniforms. Not bad - much better than the camo models worn on Memorial Day. As some have wondered, is the club phasing out the tomahawk? Usually the road unis have the tomahawk, but perhaps MLB wanted simple unis for Father's Day. 
Now that LeBron has won another title, more people will say he was a better player than Michael Jordan. Not me. James is to be commended for not letting yet another title slip through his fingers, but he still has a ways to go to match Michael, both as a player and a winner. MJ never jumped ship to team with other superstars just to win a title.
Interesting that LeBron wore all white shoes in game six. On Sunday at the US Open Jordan Spieth and his caddy wore white Under Armour Steph Curry shoes. Perhaps white sneakers will come back in style. I hope not.
Worked til six Friday. C had gone to the Dekalb Farmers Market, so I went the northern route home, stopping at three thrift stores and RaceTrac. She brought home two to-go boxes from the DFM cafeteria for supper. I hate that place. Weird foreign spices. I ate the squash casserole and passed on the rest. M went to Atlantic Station to see Finding Dory.
Worked around the house on Saturday, both upstairs and downstairs. Really didn’t do much. Saturday night we went to Becky Norman’s to see Joel’s band open the three act house concert. About 50 crowded into their basement. Also a solo artist from Nashville who kinda dawdled, and a professional sounding group from Philadelphia. Will’s groomsman/former roommate Harry played drums for Joel, so we got to meet his parents. Harry is Mr. Gadget on drums, using three kinds of drumsticks, two tambourines, and several other gizmos. He was playing something different on every song. Met the gentleman Becky has been spending time with, who turned out to be Anna and Matthew’s former math teacher. Nice guy who lives around the corner from me. He checked on the Braves score, but admitted to be a long-time Mets fan. A fun evening, but standing for three hours wasn’t good for my aching back.
Saturday night Anna and the Camp Highland staff went to see Finding Dory.
Went to Passion City Church on Sunday morning. I thought we were arriving 30 minutes early, but the service time had been changed from 10 am to 9:30. With apologist extraordinaire Ravi Zacharias speaking, we had to sit in the overflow. A few years ago PCC gave out Bibles for father’ day. Last year they gave out golf balls, but all the non-golfers passed them by. So this year they gave out 10 ounce bottles of iced coffee. I took one for C and M to fight over.
While in line for the shuttle back to the parking deck we ran into Anna’s friend John and his parents. Had a nice chat. Learned the Busby ancestors lived for years on Morningside Drive, and attended Grady High about four years after my dad finished. Did not see Bruce Ambrose.
Slow afternoon. Spaghetti casserole for lunch and hot dogs for dinner. C and I took Barney for a walk.
Tuesday night I’m meeting up with Joe Suggs, who I haven’t seen in years. Will be good to catch up with him.
The Hurt’s new house is in southeast Cumming near Johns Creek – not far from where M’s friend McKinnon lives.

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