Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NBA Finals: Game Five

Before Game Five all three experts picked Golden State to win: Doug Collins, etc. I wondered how they could make they pick with Draymond Green out and the Cavs hungry to not be further embarrassed. NBA playoff series seem to go deep – underdogs find ways to win games. Today on social media since Kyree Irving had a good game people are saying he’s better than Steph Curry and that Curry is an undeserving, one-dimensional MVP, that he’s the fourth best player on his own team. Uh, didn’t Curry just have one of the greatest statistical seasons in history? He obliterated the season three-point record by such a wide margin it was like breaking the single-season home run record by hitting 110 home runs.

C and I watched a good chunk of the game, as well as some of the pregame and Jimmy Kimmel before that. For a while both teams seemed to be making everything. Back and forth. You need to get you a pair of those good-looking new Under Armour Curry Two Low sneakers.

How many times had Cleveland worn those sleeved jerseys before last night? I know the Warriors have worn theirs several times in the playoffs.

Worked til 6:45 trying to catch up. Workers stayed late at the house so Ceil had a busy day. M went to Cumming to fish. I stopped by RaceTrac on the way home after making most of the lights. Sped by a few police cars. We watched Jeopardy and basketball, as well as two episodes of The Middle and an episode of The Good Witch. C cooked chicken tenders, broccoli, lima beans, and baked thin potato slices.

Not long after I had gotten home last night, Barney wanted me to take him outside. He likes for me to take him because I don’t strap on the uncomfortable gentle leader and I let him sniff around and explore more than Ceil does. We walked up to the street and then back in the woods. We went to a spot near the property line we normally don’t go. In an effort to keep the woods looking clear, I’m always on the lookout for sticks hanging in branches or on the ground (guess I should make sure they’re not snakes). I noticed a small tree with no leaves that looked dead, right next to a similar tree with leaves. Sure enough I was able to snap off the ten foot tall tree with one hand while I held Barney’s leash in the other hand. I pulled up the tree and tossed it down the hill in the gully. In the process I wonder if some small bugs got on my (and Barney) because after I went inside I kept feeling bugs on me.

Tuesday morning music: Take Me Down (by Alabama?), Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash), I Believe in Love (Cher),

Orlando: Americans were killed and wounded. The killer first clearly pledged allegiance to ISIS, an Islamic terrorist organization who has actively encouraged the very acts conducted in Orlando, Chattanooga, California, and numerous other locations in the United States. And as in those previous massacres, the current US President has failed to even acknowledge the link between the killer and ISIS. Would Bush 43 hesitate to identify and attack the enemy? No. Neither would’ve Clinton, Bush 41, Reagan, or Carter. In fact, I know of no previous US President in history who wouldn’t have hesitated to defend its citizens from these repeated attacks – just the current President. Seems few politicians want to call out Muslim extremists in fear of losing votes. Our country has truly gone mad.

Had the Orlando killer not used a gun, be sure he would’ve found another deadly weapon to use. Had it been illegal to own such a weapon, the killer would’ve found a way to acquire it. This is not a gun control issue. The issue is an enemy who wants to destroy the American way of life and impose its own agenda on America and the world. While assault weapons may have no place in our society, our country would be much less violent if only our current laws could be enforced.

Denison had a good blog post about what a Christian’s response to Orlando should be. Even a hard line Christian blogger Elizabeth Prata (who doesn’t like Andy or Louie or Beth Moore) liked the Denison post. I wonder if the Tony Awards would’ve made such a big deal about the Orlando shooting had it taken place in a Christian church. The host made big fun of Trump (to tremendous applause) and a little fun of Hillary (and got a lesser response).

Jeanne Statham passed away, mother of Tommy Statham and Jay and Craig Martinson. Service at SPdL Thursday at 2:30, perhaps officiated in part by the right Rev Rick Statham, her nephew.

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