Monday, June 27, 2016

Lucky / Not Lucky

Have a good weekend? I got a little bit done. Worked til six Friday night when the customer was 4 hours late sending in their order. Stopped by two thrift stores and Taco Bell on the way home. M went to a coffee shop and spent the night at Shep’s.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs and packaged a bobblehead to ship. Went to the post office, library, Goodwill, Dollar Tree, Kroger, and got a haircut. Got home and signed up for Hulu so I could watch the miniseries 11.22.63. Hulu didn’t work on our desktop, iPad, Anna’s laptop, my phone, or the living room TV. My Apple TV wasn’t working on our regular TV. Finally got Hulu to work on my laptop. Watched to first of 8 episodes, which varies slightly from the book (the book is better, and less gory). 
Saturday evening M and I ate at Lucky’s Burgers & Brew, in Roswell across from Pure. Crowded, so we ate at a tall table across from the bar. Didn’t want to eat outside in the heat, as fashionable as that would have been. The make all the different specialty burgers sound great, but my “pedigree burger” simply had two strips of bacon and cheese on top. But the burger itself was great, on par with any of the best burgers in town. The patty tasted hand formed and fresh as opposed to frozen from a factory. Bun was good, and did not detract from the overall taste. M got stringy French fries that were nothing special. My tater tots tasted ok but fell apart when I tried to pick them up with my fingers. I had to scoop with up with my fork. After eating we swung by a thrift store.
During dinner I figured out something to try to get the Apple TV to work, and sure enough it worked. M and I watched a good movie: “The Age of Adaline” starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford in a supporting role. No time travel or JFK, like in 11.22.63, but about a lady who lives 107 years without aging. What a horrible fate. She lives under the radar and changed identities every ten years, trying her best to stay out of photographs.

Sunday was laundry, watering plants, cutting grass, and ironing five shirts. Worked some on my laptop. Watched more of 11.22.63 and poked around on Apple TV. Not sure it would replace cable.

Monday “the new girl” resigned, which came as no big surprise. We will miss all the work she does, especially her expediting and setting up new items. Really!
Things that will make you happier, by Dr. Travis Bradberry: what makes one person happy might make someone else miserable. Everyone is different. Not everyone wants a printer at their desk.
1. Gratitude creates happiness and reduces depression, even when things aren’t going good for you.
2. Labeling feelings as negative will reduce their power.
3. Making decisions feels good. Trying to make the perfect decision causes stress. Making a “good enough” decision activates areas of your brain that calms emotions and makes you feel in control.
4. Helping others makes both them and you feel happier. Employees who help others are ten times more likely to be more focused and 40% more likely to get a promotion (well, one out of two ain’t bad).
5. Our brains are wired for touch. Touch calms emotions, reduces pain and stress, improves sleep, and reduces fatigue.

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