Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Jury Duty

Went to Macon on Saturday. Ate lunch at Chickfila. Clipped a bunch of hedges.

Sunday night Ceil and I ate at Moxie Burger. Redboxed a great movie: The Intern with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. Then I was up until 1 am setting up Anna's payroll deduction after watching the 2 hour movie.

My Monday:
615 wake up
700 leave home
730 arrive at courthouse, first security check.
750 they let us in
830 opening speech from judge

850 sit and wait. No action. Didn't want to run down my phone battery, so I made lists and planned lunch.

1140 dismissed for lunch
1150 thrift store number one
1200 value village: bought book to read
1210 Wendy's
1220 RaceTrac

1230 Parked my car and brought a small bag with all my stuff. Needed to do some business at the Clerk's office and they gave me the runaround, making me go back and forth between two buildings. Every time I passed through security I had to take off my belt.

1240 superior court security check take off belt (2)
1250 walk to state court, another security check (3)
100 sent to magistrates court, security check (4)
110 send back to state court, security check (5)
115 state court clerk finally helps me out

125 Saw Jeff Bunch in the courthouse. When I told him I was on jury duty he said "bless you!"

130 arrive back to jury room after security check (6). Busted a belt loop on my favorite pants.

330 dismissed for day after reading, emailing for 2 hours
340 check emails, phone calls for work
345 RaceTrac
355 Atlanta union mission thrift store, buy Braves shirt
405 Goodwill
420 new thrift store
435 park ave thrift store, chat with Frank
450 Kroger return redbox
455 Ceil needs sandpaper and black beans
500 Home Depot
510 TJMaxx
515 Sprouts Grocery
525 home
630 drive C to Trader Joes for rice
700 back home
730 eat supper black beans and rice
800 help with dishes
830 M goes to redbox for another movie
900 movie starts, I head upstairs to work on laptop.
1015 lights out

Tuesday: I am back at work today but might have jury duty Thursday.

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