Monday, June 06, 2016

Rainbows: Part One

Sunday night it came up a shower while we were eating at Moxie Burger, but just as quickly the storm passed. We saw a couple out on the deck looking up in the sky. As we left sure enough we saw it: God was using the setting sun to create a beautiful rainbow.
When I see a rainbow the first thing I think of is Sonny Bono singing "Sweet and Loving Sarah" on The Love Boat. Actually I think of Don Head (and I) singing the song to Tara Sapp. Since I had the song in my head, I finally had to look it up. A classic.

I did not realize Sonny was playing the role of an aging heavy-metal rock star in the genre of KISS' Gene Simmons. That makes it even better.
As a kid I had become enamored with Sonny's self-depreciating comedy on the oh so popular Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour - must see TV back in the day. Interestingly, the last time Sonny and Cher sang together was when David Letterman reunited them on his show.


Don Head said...

Thanks for the earworm. Hadn't thought about that song in years.

David said...

I think about it at least once a year!