Thursday, June 16, 2016

You've Got Mail

My monthly social media rant: The thing people like about Facebook is when people “like” and comment on their posts. Naturally people post things that will garner lots of likes: pictures of babies, children, accomplishments, cats, political viewpoints, Bible verses, etc.
Like Tom Hanks said about the old “you’ve got mail” signal in the movie of the same name, those likes and comments are a powerful thing (I wonder if a similar line is in the Broadway musical "She Loves Me" inspired by the movie). People become more and more addicted to posting posting posting, re-posting the same thing several others have already posted, sharing every online article they read – all in an effect to draw attention to themselves. Satan must love this.
As addicting as it is, the whole thing is starting to turn me off. Sure it’s nice to get likes when I post something family related. Most forget that for every success story there are people struggling in school, out of work, without money for the nice new car, mission trip, or exotic overseas vacation (possibly paid for by daddy or expense account). For some social media could be depressing.
For some in the press, posting on social media is part of the job. Sure, most of it is fun. It is a way to communicate to friends and family. When somewhere special it’s hard to resist the urge to post. I try hard not to get sucked in.
It is nice to have four talented kids doing some great things. Deans lists. Graduations. Magna cum laude (just missing summa cum laude, thank you very much). Trips. Nice jobs. Important positions. Medical school. I’m proud of my kids, but I need to tell them in person, not post it on Facebook. I should wish them happy birthday personally, not on a Facebook post (though I’m far from perfect in this area). I’m thankful they’re not conditioned to take a photo of every meal they eat or every get-together with friends. They don’t have to spend someone else’s hard-earned money to go see every new blockbuster movie right when it comes out.
Better to live to please God and not man.

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