Friday, June 03, 2016

Driving Tips

Got to blame myself for today’s lunch fiasco. Usually I run out to Taco Bell and drive straight back. Doesn’t take so long. Today I was adding a stop by the closest RaceTrac. Should’ve taken the counter clockwise route and hit RT first (with zero left hand turns), but I wanted to give myself more time to eat on the drive back. So I hit every red light, plus two times cars cut in front of me before becoming slowpokes, making me miss the light. The trip took twice as long as it could have.
I like to leave for places early to give me plenty of time. I hate getting places late, especially church services and ball games. My brother in law also likes to get to his Clemson football games way early, before warm-ups. I have no problem with that. Hope you don’t mind too much.
Another safety tip: Right turns are (safer and quicker) than left turns. Perhaps the next time I drive you somewhere I’ll give you a play by play on the driving decisions I make. We’ve discussed staying in one lane and other things already I know.
Late Thursday I got a text with a special at Cheeseburger Bobby’s, so I stopped by on the way home. Should’ve bought extra for Friday lunch. We let one temp go today and start training another.
Friday: had the retirement ceremony for a 35 year employee. He’s only 61 but did things right. One of the good guys. I’m hoping they’ll say things like that about me one day. Next August 2017 will be my 30th anniversary. I would be 67 if I were to make it to 40 years, but anything after 30 years would be gravy.
A kid that Will played with might possibly be drafted by a major league team. When Will was a sophomore the kid started as a freshman, but he had the lowest average among the starters. His dad was the third base coach so he stole more bases than anyone else that year. As a sophomore he transferred to a school in a lower classification. At his small college he’s been scouted because he was a left-handed pitcher. Doesn’t walk many batters.
In case anyone bad-mouths the Grilli trade, they obviously haven’t checked what’s been going on…Grilli  was expendable with all-star caliber closer Vizcaino in the bullpen and Shea Simmons averaging 3 strikeouts per inning about to be called up from AAA.
Vizcaino 1.66 ERA 1.11 WHIP 31 K 07 BB 21.2 IP
Grilli…….5.29 ERA  1.71 WHIP 23 K 13 BB 17.0 IP
From: AJC Breaking News <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 6:59 PM
Subject: Braves trade Jason Grilli traded to Toronto
Tuesday May 31, 2016

Braves trade Jason Grilli traded to Toronto

Jason Grilli's role had been reduced after his early season struggles, and the Braves traded the veteran reliever to the Blue Jays Tuesday for a minor league pitcher.
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