Friday, June 10, 2016

The John Corbett Insider

Feeling sluggish. Worked past six Wednesday night and stopped by RaceTrac and Kroger on the way home. At Kroger I was trying to decide on a product. I hadn’t been there ten seconds and this Hispanic woman came up chattering, reaching past me to grab something. I was ready to say something but just walked away instead. I’d already been the victim of bad drivers, and was ready to get home.
Ceil cooked spaghetti. We didn’t do much. She’s been painting and wasn’t happy with the job done while she was out of town last week. The workers are coming back to fix things. I took out the trash, including a bunch of construction debris I hope gets taken away.
Thursday at work all three of my fellow team members did a good job of chipping in and getting the job done. Dialysis and The New Girl seemed to spur each other on to get things done. The new temp was out with her sick son, or it could’ve been the most productive day in history. It’s not wrong for a person to not be committed to the point of making their job their top priority 24 hours a day. Companies can’t expect all employees to be that way. They should recognize and reward those who repeatedly go the extra mile, and look out for those individuals and place them in positions to do the most good, while at the same time placing less motivated employees and below average employees in places they can be most helpful/do the least harm.
 Worked past six again and drove straight home. M was in Cumming so C and I went to The Picture Show to see My Big Greek Wedding 2. Like the first one it was pretty good. I did not realize actor John Corbett was a born again Christian, according to Wikipedia. Not sure the status of the relationship, but he’s been hanging out with Bo Derek since 2002. He is 55 and she is 59. He 6’5” and she 5’3”. The teenage girl in the movie looked like a member of the Shetler family. Produced by Tom Hanks, who let wife Rita Wilson play the wife of John Stamos. Also redboxed The Intern, which was even better.
We saw the preview for the Jungle Book and it looked decent. Was Bill Murray good as the bear? The bear LOOKED like Bill Murray. The other night I watched Bill Murray’s Christmas Special on Netflix, with Paul Schaeffer, Miley Cirus, George Clooney, Rashida Jones, the Rockettes, and others. Weird but good. Never knew Murray was a decent singer. Miley was in a little red sleeveless Christmas dress that exposed all her arm tattoos, which looked terrible in the all-white Christmas scene.  
On the way to work Friday morning I saw I would miss the light to turn left onto PIB, so I went straight and stopped at RaceTrac. Since I didn’t have lunch I used a BOGO for two breakfast burritos that I saved for noon. They probably won’t be as good as Taco Bell but at least I won’t have to go out.
Talk on 790 this morning was that the new Steph Curry Under Armor basketball shoe looks more like a sneaker a middle-aged white man would buy a Kohl’s (evidently the guys on 790 get their fodder off Bleacher Report). I don’t think the shoes look that bad (but of course, I am a middle-aged white man). While it looks better with a contrasting color trim, the all-white version is ok as well. The Kiki Vandeweghe look (below, squaring off against my main man Cornbread Maxwell). Funny stuff:

The Johnny Rockets at The Avenue East Cobb closed down, a long time ago. The Panera at the Avenue has stayed in business, but it seems to be a tough place for restaurants to stay in business. Not sure why. I guess East Cobb has its share of restaurants, but East Cobb folk seem to like the trendy places. The Chili’s is always busy, making the service not the best. California Pizza is busy as well, along with several Mexican places.
Anna called, she’s having a blast at camp. Even though she’s only 19 and just completed her freshman year, they have her leading high school juniors and seniors.
With all the furniture moved into the garage while we paint, we haven’t been parking in the garage, making for a crowded driveway. Tuesday night M was so focused on not hitting my car that he forgot about the tree. Last night he demolished two of Ceil’s planters. Now he’s parking up near the street out of harm’s way.
I was watching Sports Jeopardy on Crackle and none of the contestants knew about the Wrong Way Riegels run in the 1929 Cal/GT Rose Bowl. I have a few iconic photos on my screensaver that pop up along with photos of family: Riegels, Gehrig’s farewell speech, etc. I really enjoy both Sports Jeopardy (with host Dan Patrick) and Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee on Crackle.
Did you read Stephen King’s 11-22-63? Long but good. I love books on time travel and the Kennedy Assassination, so the book was doubly good for me. The book was made into a five part miniseries by Hulu which I plan on watching. Stars James Franco.

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