Saturday, July 15, 2017

Anna at Camp (Part 2)

A couple more photos of Anna at Camp.
On July 5th she was able to ride over to Athens with Emily,
where they hung out at their new house.
Matthew changed the name of his cat from Hermes to Pluto.
The feline has finally come out of his shell.
During last Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game
catcher Yadier Molina did his best C3PO imitation.
  A rare memento from the 80's movie "The Slugger's Wife." 
 I can't get enough pictures of the Braves' early 60's unis,
with the huge names on the back. The Mets' Roger Craig on the hill.
You can buy the 2017 All-Star Game program on eBay for $15.00.
This 1972 program can be had for $35.00. 

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