Thursday, July 06, 2017

Stars & Stripes at Home

After wearing the road version of MLB's 4th of July uniform,
the Braves game home Tuesday and trotted out the home version.
The game marked the return of Freddie Freeman from the disabled list,
his first game as a third baseman.
Jerseys and caps, not so bad. The socks were a bit much.
In no way am I endorsing these special uniforms,
which pretty much appear on a monthly basis.
After four quality starts to begin his career,
rookie phenom Sean Newcomb ran into the best team in baseball,
the Houston doubles machine.
One more picture of the Braves all-star Ender Inciarte,
rocking the special road uni.
Close up of the special cap, available for sale at
Looks better from a distance. 

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