Friday, July 07, 2017

NFL Network's Ten Fastest Players

The NFL Network’s “Ten Fastest Players in NFL History.” Several weeks ago I complied a post of fastest players. As usual, few mentioned Herschel. As usual, neither did the NFL Network.
Best of the Rest: James Jett (Raiders). Charlie Garner (really?). Percy Harvin. Dante Hall (Chiefs). Devin Hester (broke Deion’s return record). Ron Brown (won a gold medal). But not Herschel.
10. Chris Johnson RB Titans Falcons

9. Michael Vick QB Falcons, etc.

8. Joey Galloway WR Seahawks

7. Cliff Branch WR Raiders

6. Willie Gault WR Bears Raiders

5. Bo Jackson RB Raiders

4. Randy Moss WR Vikings, etc.

3. Deion Sanders CB KR Falcons, etc.

2. Bob Hayes WR Cowboys “world’s fastest human” is only ranked second?

1. Darrell Green Redskins CB

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