Saturday, July 29, 2017

Greatest 2-Sport Athletes 1-10

The top ten multi-sport athletes of all time. Both Athlon and I left Tony Romo off our lists. I forgot Charlie Ward and Drew Henson, as well as several others.

10. Marion Jones: Olympic athlete, UNC basketball national champion.
A much better athlete than Lolo Jones.
9. Willie Gault: all-pro wide receiver for the Bears and Raiders.
World class sprinter. Olympic bobsledder (below, with Edwin Moses and Herschel). Dabbled in ballet. A Herschel wannabe.
8. Wilt Chamberlain was considered one of the greatest volleyball players in history, and was inducted into the sport's hall of fame. He wasn't too bad in basketball either. Or track. Put up impressive totals in another sport as well.

7. Before breaking baseball's color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers,
hall of famer Jackie Robinson was a three sport star at UCLA:
track, baseball, and perhaps his best sport: football.

6. Bob Hayes: after winning the gold medal in the 100 meters,
he earned the title of World's Fastest Human. Then he earned his spot in the NFL Hall of Fame as a wide receiver for the Cowboys and 49ers.
5. Deion Sanders: perhaps the greatest cornerback in NFL history,
though he often had an aversion to tackling. Also one of the greatest return men in football history. NFL Hall of Fame. Played baseball for the Yankees, Braves, and Reds. Also ran track at FSU.
While The MMQB thought highly of Deion, Athlon ranked him eighth.
4. Bo Jackson: all-pro NFL running back. MVP of the MLB all-star game. Only player in baseball history to play with an artificial hip.
Ran track at Auburn. Leads charity bike rides across Alabama.
Handy with a bow and arrow as well.
3. Herschel Walker: gained more yards than any other football player in history. Undefeated MMA fighter. World class sprinter.
Bobsledder in the Winter Olympics. Danced in the Dallas Ballet.
2. Jim Thorpe: NFL Hall of Famer.
Won the gold medal in the Olympic decathlon. Played pro baseball.
1. Jim Brown: arguably the greatest running back in NFL history, if not the greatest player in NFL history. Also the greatest lacrosse player in history. Played basketball and baseball at Syracuse.
See the 11-20, 21-30, and 31-40 lists as well.

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