Wednesday, July 19, 2017

YETIs and Dockers

Supposedly the cool thing to do with YETI coolers is to put a few super cool stickers on them. Kinda like a guitar case, but only the coolest of cool. While it is important to stay hydrated at the beach, I’ve never really felt the need to constantly drink beverages at the beach. Sure, drinking beverages I like is tasty and is fun, but these days every good beverage has something unhealthy in it: sugar, HFCS, aspartame, etc. For me drinking water isn’t fun. Sure, sandwiches and other tasty treats can be packed into coolers as well, but then again I don’t need to eat the bread. That leaves carrot sticks and celery. Yee ha. 
So anyway, what stickers would I put on my super cool YETI cooler? The classic blue 30A sticker. The Appalachian Trail AT sticker. A good quality Atlanta Braves sticker. Maybe the Hawks, because they have a good logo. What college football team? My alma mater Georgia Tech is famous for ugly out of date graphics. Either UGA or Clemson. Couldn’t have more than one school. Can’t let it get too cluttered.
Dic Dac said no one knows anything about YETIs in Indiana. He says that now that he’s moved back to South Carolina he’ll be forced to get one. I said it was the law – when he got his South Carolina   driver’s license they’d give him one.
The kids these days, they still like their cotton khakis. Dockers. Seinfeld despised them to the point of breaking up with a girl over them. He wore jeans instead. Neither jeans nor khakis look good on me. I really don’t think the Dockers look good on anyone, especially middle aged white men. At this point in my life dark clothes look better on me. It’s tough wearing a dark shirt with dark pants all the time, so I have to pick my spots. Slacks are easy to wear, and they look good. Even khaki slacks look better than cotton Dockers. 
I could wear black slacks to work every day. The only bad thing about that is being one of the few in the office wearing old guy clothes. Usually all the men wear dri-fit golf shirts, which I’m totally down with. Not many can pull off the untucked look at work and still look professional. Like Cal (Steve Carell) in Crazy Stupid Love, I’ve figured out I look better in clothes sized not as big: XL as opposed to XXL. Of course I figured that out after I filled my closet with XXL’s.
But the pants I’m really liking these days are made of the high-tech lightweight dri-fit or waterproof stretch fibers, like the ones put out by Columbia. So comfortable to wear. I have to look for pants with legs not too wide, because some of the Columbia’s are really wide.
Another accessory I’ve been wearing is an elastic baseball belt. They stretch and are lower profile than thicker belts. Better to be worn untucked, but if they’re in good condition (my navy one is old) they’re ok to wear with a tucked shirt. I need to get me a black baseball belt.  
Tuesday: Worked past six then got stuck in traffic on the way home. Took over an hour, so I didn’t feel like driving further to the library. C was at her Tuesday night Bible Study but had left baked chicken and salad. Since I had been sick I didn’t do much. Not much on TV except baseball. Felt ok last night but I should’ve taken a little medicine because I am sneezing again this morning.
Hardly rained out our house but SunTrust Park got plenty. M went to the game and didn’t mind staying out late. I also watched Colon vs the Yankees. Saw him strike out Judge, didn’t he? In the first NY hit the ball hard but right at people.

Wednesday: got my stand up desk. Will take a little getting used to. Set it up this afternoon and used it the rest of the day. Note: it’s impossible to make a desk look uncluttered in a picture. Some of the mess is next door on my neighbor’s desk. I have one of the cleaner desks in the office, thank you very much.
Wondering if some of my bobblehead buddies read my steamy underside post and got miffed. I didn’t name names. Most are stand up guys, guys I like to hang out with, outgoing guys hustling to make extra cash for their family – and helping distribute bobbles to collectors who can’t get to the game. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not me. I went back and made some additions to the post, to make sure my words were clear.  

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