Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Rainy Days in Georgia

Back at camp after her break, Anna plays in the rain.

With the injuries to Freddie and Garcia, Swanson’s slow start, Johnson’s blown saves, and Bartolo’s failure to launch, the Braves have exceeded expectations. People are still saying Dansby should be sent down.

Doubt I’ll make it to a Pelicans game. Won’t get back in time for the Kemp game on Friday. M is with us, and W&MC arrived last night for a couple of days. Just had almost 30 from Ceil’s family down on the beach.

I’m liking having David Ross on ESPN broadcasts. Finally finished John Feinstein’s book “On the Black” about Glavine and Mussina.

M’s band has songs on Spotify, and radio stations in London and Washington have played their music.

Rob: I think the Braves played well to be this close to 500 for the first half.  I would like to see Phillips moved, so we can see Albies at 2B (though as soon as he struggles, "fans" will demand his demotion to the minors) and either Teheran or Garcia traded so we can see Lucas Sims get some starts.  I think they will move Markakis in the offseason to open a spot for Acuna.

Me: We've been watching a lot of golf since Saturday, so we saw Davis Love contend at Greenbriar.

The only thing about Swanson is that people forget that he's just a rookie who only played two years in the minors.

The Yankees are tearing up the home run derby.

Thursday night I ate at Ippolito's with five coworkers. Had the lasagna. Got home at 8:30 and cut the grass.
Friday morning I packed before work. Left work at three and drove home to pack the car, but we didn't leave home til 5:30. Stopped by Whole Foods, Chickfila, and the gas station before hitting the road. Battled a little rain, but was rewarded with a vivid rainbow. Made it to Jefferson after 11 pm.

Didn't leave for the beach until almost noon. Had lunch at the peach orchard on the way. We always get Papa John's Pizza the first night, just like everyone else on the Grand Strand. Took over an hour.

Good day on the beach most of Sunday. Ceil would've cooked supper in the condo but her mom hadn't eaten much, so we went out. She'd first suggested the cafeteria but I said why not her favorite seafood restaurant, but it was closed on Sunday. She wanted a burger so we tried out Burger Fi. We beat a rush and got our food quick. Everything was good but the onion rings were too big.

Have gotten caught up on email so the rest of the week I can unsubscribe. Already finished the John Feinstein book I had started last year. The girl keeping our dog and cat broke her ankle yesterday, so we had to bring in a substitute.

Early Monday morning I walked with Phil, Larry, and Dic. Had Wimbledon on TV until I went down to the beach. Rain chased us inside for awhile. For dinner we had Frogmore Stew / Low Country Boil.

Last Wednesday I worked until six. Trying to get everything done before vacation. Forgot to make some stops on the way home, then Anna and I went out to Publix and the bank. C cooked Mexican chicken tacos. I was still worn out from the race but I helped clean up. Watched the Braves and Last Man Standing. M was in Douglasville and got back late.

Thursday: stopped by CFA on the way to work for a free biscuit. Had meetings from 10 am until 2 pm. Panera Bread sandwich for lunch. Work dinner at Ippolito's. Had to pack and cut the grass.

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