Sunday, July 09, 2017

Signs You're a Narcissist's ten signs you might be a narcissist. I feared that by merely clicking on this story might mean I'm a narcissist, but I did all the same. Kinda off topic for me, but interesting nonetheless.

According to the article, if you share more than a few of these traits you should consider seeking professional help. While I don't know many who fit many of these criteria, I do know a few. 

You like to be the center of attention. Narcissists dominate conversations. They're compelled to talk about themselves and tend to exaggerate - shoring up a fear that they're not good enough. Most of the pictures they post on social media is of themselves.

You have a habit of giving unsolicited advice. In doing so you're showing off your knowledge and insight. By acting more sophisticated than everyone else you bolster your inflated sense of self.

You hate waiting in lines. And hate when people don't call you right back. On some levels you feel you deserve special treatment. They want their needs met now. they live their lives with a sense of entitlement, and expect the world to revolve around them.

Your ambition knows no bounds. It's one thing to shoot for the stars, and work your butt of to get there. It's another thing to believe you are destined for greatness. Narcissists believe they are special, part of an elite class that deserves only the best. They prefer to associate with other high status people and may obsess over status symbols - and even belittle those they don't perceive to be part of the same exclusive club.

You know how to turn on the charm. You have a knack for making others feel important. Your relationships move quickly, but the admiration you shower on those selected are part of an unspoken deal: they are expected to make you feel just as attractive and intelligent. The moment they question or criticize, the gig is up. and they're sent from the pedestal to the trash heap.

You are the competitive type. In the narcissist's worldview there are winners and losers. The narcissist needs to win in every domain. They have to make themselves out to be superior to others, in their relentless quest to prove their dominance. This compulsive drive to come out on top makes it difficult to celebrate other people's successes, because in that moment someone else is the winner.

You're famous for holding grudges. To others you may seem highly confident - the kind of person who doesn't care what others think. This couldn't be further from the truth. They care deeply about maintaining their idealized image of themselves, and have trouble tolerating any disapproval or insult. This makes them angry and they seek some sort of revenge.

It's never your fault. Narcissists refuse to be held accountable for their mistakes and instead shift the blame to others. Even in close personal relationships, narcissists believe there is a winner and a loser, and do what it takes to win.

You take advantage of people. You view situations in terms of what they mean to you, and you only. The reason? A lack of empathy - the inability to tune into the emotional world of others is a cornerstone of narcissism, and what makes it so dangerous. Narcissists expect others to revolve around their needs, but refuse to do the same for anyone else. That means you get what you want. You aren't afraid to manipulate or bully anyone in your way. Because in the end, it's all about you.

You have an addiction. Think about how people act when they are high: they are bulletproof, untouchable, on top of the world. In its essence, it's the same sense of grandiosity that a narcissist craves. Your high might come from shopping, exhibiting power, alcohol, control - it doesn't matter. The addicted narcissist keeps returning to the drug again and again to get that incredible top of the word feeling. When the drug wears off they are often filled with shame. And when the shame becomes unbearable the addict returns to the drug.,,20981393,00.html/view-all

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