Friday, July 14, 2017

Gil Brandt's Top Punters

Of Gil Brandt's top 14 punters in NFL history, half were in action last year. But he also managed to include punters from every decade all the way back to the 1930's. A decent list.

Based on the numbers, these days punters are booming the ball higher and longer than ever. Several wished Chiefs' legend Jerrell Wilson had made the list, but everyone couldn't make it.

14. 46.7 2012-2016 Marquette King Raiders 48.9 single season (above)
13. 41.2 1974-1987 Dave Jennings Giants Jets
12. 45.5 2004-2016 Donnie Jones Seattle Miami Rams Texans Eagles 
11. 47.0 2009-2016 Thomas Morstead Saints
10. 46.4 1946-1949 Glenn Dobbs Dodgers Dons

9. 46.3 2004-2014 Andy Lee 49ers Browns Panthers
8. 46.4 2009-2016 Pat McAfee Colts
7. 46.9 2012-2016 Johnny Hekker Rams 
6. 46.7 2012-2016 Bryan Anger Jaguars Buccaneers
5. 43.3 1983-1998 Reggie Roby Miami Redskins Bucs Oilers Titans 49ers
4. 42.4 1973-1986 Ray Guy Raiders: changed the position
3. 44.3 1952-1964 Yale Lary Lions
2. 47.5 2000-2016 Shane Lechler Raiders Texans 51.1 avg in 2009
1. 45.1 1937-1952 Sammy Baugh Redskins (below)
Not too long ago I posted a list of some of the longest punts in NFL history. Baugh was at the top of the list.

Speaking of punters, my nephew Zane's girlfriend Laura's step-brother is veteran NFL punter Ryan Quigley. Kind of a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon thing. Quigley recently signed with the Vikings after spending time with the Bears, Jets, Eagles, Jaguars, and Cardinals.

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