Monday, December 31, 2018

Back in Town

Just got out the laptop for the first time in 48 hours. Sunday morning we packed up and drove back to Atlanta. Stopped in Augusta to do some outlet shopping. Saw a cool shirt with guitars on it but passed. Ceil ate a salad and I tried the new Taco Bell burritos, which were good. Dropped Ceil off at Perimeter Mall to meet Anna. I drove home and unloaded the car and did the dishes and some laundry. Later Ceil cleaned and fixed grits and eggs for Anna, Matthew, me, and her.
Didn’t find out about Richt retiring until we got back to Atlanta. Don’t blame him. Hard to believe he’s been coaching for 35 years. Several nice tributes. Some experts on social media said he needed a job when he took the job in Miami. Not true. He quit UGA and wanted to take time off then, but had the opportunity to return to his alma mater. He relished the opportunity to call the plays again.

Hadn’t heard that Mike Pence story about him not liking Deck the Halls. I looked it up, and it took me awhile to find it – a joke on Saturday Night Live. I kept reading and saw that he’s been attacked / made fun of for his Christianity more than most Christian politicians, because the comedians don’t known much else about him. had researched eight stories about Pence, and all of them were not true. Just goes to show what the mainstream media these days thinks about Christianity.
W&MC are up in northeast Georgia at a cabin with his old basketball team: Joel, David, and Charles Norman, Josiah Georgie, and basketball marvel DJ Hoffer. Also Okie and several other dogs, plus all the wives and Josiah’s kids. Joel is the only one not married.
Ceil slept past ten this morning. She stayed up late cleaning and drinking coffee. M had to work the early shift. I cleaned upstairs, then downstairs. More unpacking. Put my new hubcaps on the Corolla (above = old, below = new).
C went to see Mark Poppins with Nancy. At six we ate at Rice, the Thai restaurant in Roswell across the street from The Big Ketch. Me and Ceil and three other couples. Fun time. And the food wasn’t too bad.

Another social media expert was looking forward to a competitive Gator Bowl. A&M beat NC State 52-13. One bowl pick I got right.
For New Years Anna went to a concert with friends / roommates.

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