Sunday, December 30, 2018

Tigers, Tide Advance

Clemson embarrassed an undefeated Notre Dame team. Pretty much shut them down, even without their best defender. Dabo started putting in the second and third team in the third quarter. This may be the most complete Clemson team in history, even with a weak punter and not the best kicker.
Alabama held the mighty Oklahoma Sooners to zero yards in the first quarter, while racking up a 21-0 lead. Kyler Murray wanted to report to baseball camp at halftime. Made Georgia look even better.

Several of the college football experts on Facebook are saying to playoff committee should've picked Georgia instead of Notre Dame (or Oklahoma?). Ricky Glover. Drew Kelly. Anna Statham. Randy Harris. I'm not going to argue with them. OK I did, and was accused of hating on Georgia.

Yes I disagree. Bama already beat UGA in the SEC Championship Game, the last game before the playoff selections were made. It was UGA's second loss. How many times in the postseason should Bama have to beat UGA? How many chances should UGA get?

Some argue for an eight team playoff. If so the Dawgs would've been included. Without the 8 team playoff, the conference championship games the first week of December is the first round of the playoff.

Some argue the Irish didn't play anyone. They beat Michigan, who lost to Florida in the Peach Bowl. They beat Purdue, who beat Ohio State but got blown out by Auburn. By that measure, who did Clemson play? They ran the table in a historically weak ACC. Clemson beat Texas A&M, but so did three other teams. The Tigers struggled against seven win South Carolina, who got blown out by Virginia, who lost to Georgia Tech, who got blown out by Minnesota, who lost to one loss Ohio State. Perhaps the Buckeyes should've made the Playoff.

Yes, Georgia might've been the second best team in the country this year. They got better after they lost to LSU. But I'm not sure the Dawgs will beat Texas in the Sugar Bowl. The Longhorns will be primed to upset the Dawgs, who will be missing their best defender. It will take a great job by Kirby and Fromm to manufacture a win.

Another Facebook expert asked if Geoff Collins could take the Jackets back to the glory days of Bobby Ross. I for one hope Collins does better than Ross, whose record at Tech was 31-26-1.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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