Friday, December 21, 2018

First Bite: Pampas Steakhouse

Left work at four on Thursday. Fought traffic home, then more traffic to Pampas Steakhouse in Johns Creek, right on Old Milton Parkway. I had the filet mignon. Delicious. Ceil ate the sea bass (below).
Appetizers included empanadas and shrimp. Sides were garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, mushrooms, and three salad choices. For dessert Ceil got the chocolate volcano cake with vanilla ice cream (below), and I had the cheesecake tart.

I wore the Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear dress shirt I had ordered in June. When the waiter was placing my steak plate in front of me, juice from the steak sloshed all over my sleeve. Was glad I hadn’t worn my brand new dress shirt I had gotten at EZGo the day before.   
We had 19 at our dinner: eight couples (Eric, Shane, Rodney, James, Jonathan, Alex, Angie, and me) plus Jeff and the two Rachels.

Got home and had to do something with Matthew. Was almost midnight before I got to bed. This morning at work they brought in Chickfila biscuits, and a new employee brought in his famous oreo balls. Not sure about tonight, but Saturday I have some running around to do.    
I gave the Auto Check score for my Corolla. Here’s the scores for my other cars:
2011 CRV = 85 (usual range 83-90)
2011 Forester = 83 (usual range 85-91)
2007 Corolla = 66 (usual range 55-76)
2005 Civic = 68 (usual range 26-51)
2000 Jeep = 54 (usual range 27-50)
Last Sunday during the NE/Steelers game before commercials they were showing clips from a children’s science museum there in Pittsburgh. It had a miniature train setup with a small town, streets, buildings – and a baseball stadium. Looked cool.
For us on Sunday we’re gathering in Macon, except M has to work. I need to work on several “projects.” In addition to entering sweepstakes and deleting emails I can research subjects for blog posts and paste things in my scrapbook calendars. Just got my new 2019 calendar so I’m set for another year. Also need to catch up on my sleep and get in a little exercise.   
I’m already stressed out. Spent a good chunk of Tuesday Wednesday Thursday driving. Also this coming Sunday and Monday. Unrealistic expectations. People not thinking. Tons to do at work. Today’s my last day in the office. Tensions are rising. Causing me to make mistakes. Etc etc etc.
Just learned Ceil and I are spending Jan 26 weekend in Greensboro NC for her high school friend’s 60th birthday celebration. I hope it doesn’t snow. On Jan 12 I would like to see Steve Martin & Martin Short at the Fox Theater. It’s almost sold out so I probably won’t go.

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