Thursday, December 06, 2018

Days of the Week

Worked until almost 6:30 Thursday. Ceil fixed pot roast for dinner, plus a tossed salad. I always eat the beef, carrots, and onions and pick around the potatoes. Watched “The Kids Are Alright.” Like many shows, after five episodes they run out of ideas and start talking about sex. Then the Hallmark Channel and Cowboys/Saints. As usual M came in from work with a bag of groceries.
Four coworkers have decorated their cubicles for Christmas. Every day John brings in more. The lobby has poinsettias and purchasing decorated as well. I joked that I was coming in to decorate this weekend, and Sunday night at 8 pm WSB was televising the lighting of my desk, with choirs and a B level singer joining in.
By Monday morning I usually have forgotten what I did on Friday. Not this time. People usually clear out pretty quick on Friday afternoon at five. As usual I try to get too much done and wound up staying later than I’d planned. Two of the other later stayers hadn’t stayed late, so it was just Rachel and me on our side of the office. Young Hunter poked his head around the corner and said “Good! I’m not the only one here.”
Rachel left, then Hunter came over and said he needed a ride to Firestone. No problem. We left at 5:30 and his car was ready. He’s had a busy end of the day and hadn’t had time to ask anyone else. He was lucky I was still there.

Ceil and I went to Moxie Burger and to see “Crazy Rich Asians” at The Picture Show. Matthew tagged along. We all had chicken sandwiches at Moxie. The movie was hilarious, with a little bit of a moral as well. The managers at Whole Foods want M to be the receiving manager.  
Back home I was playing on my laptop. Ceil went to bed. It was late and Jimmy Fallon was singing a medley of Christmas songs with Dolly Parton. At 11:50 pm after a commercial NBC News broke in to announce the death of President Bush, so M and I stayed up to watch the retrospective on his life.   

Saturday morning small group, then a few errands. Didn’t stop for fast food. Back home I watched the ESPN College GameDay Saturday Selections. Lee Corso picked Bama. Lunch was leftover stew. Worked around the house and watched Oklahoma/Texas. Ceil ran errands.
At four we went over to watch GA/AL with our friends. They had a shrimp dish to eat but I was so into the game I didn’t even eat salad. Georgia was playing well so I didn’t want to jinx them by moving. Kept my leg crossed the entire game. Later they brought me a piece of coconut cream pie, but that’s all I ate. Made it home for the ACC kickoff. Not much of a game. I was playing on my laptop.   
The 2-1/2 hour JFBC membership class started at 8:30. It wasn’t too painful. The membership class was packed – 21 or 22 prospective members, including Will’s former teammate Willie Bartlett and his bride.  
I had on my mind an article making the rounds on social media: “My Church is Gaslighting Me.” Going over the foundations and basics of the faith in the membership class was a good contrast to the the article. Churches aren’t perfect. People in churches aren’t perfect. Lots of comments and discussion. The pharisees discussed one angle, the victims another. I’m sure the lady’s experience was real, and I’m sure I’m oversimplifying a complex issue, and probably off base, but at some point you have to be responsible for your own actions and decisions. I can’t blame Bob Marsh or Andy Stanley or Bryant Wright or Donald Trump for all my shortcomings – or God. Guess I’m gonna have to deep dive the article – something’s not adding up.
I hope no one thinks I think Trump is a fine, upstanding individual. Some of the things he says and tweets makes me want to shake my head. I keep hearing about all these Christians who think Trump is a great man, but I don’t know many, if any. Of course, he isn’t the first President whose life was full of indiscretion. 
Ceil attended a bridal shower in Suwanee for my niece. I headed over to SunTrust Park for a Braves open house. Long line for BBQ, homemade pizza, and hot dogs, but luckily I got there early. Not much else going on. I did do a lot of walking around. Afterwards I stopped by RaceTrac for a drink and two other stores. Got me some Batman socks.
Saw the end of the Falcons game. Guess I hadn’t missed much. Cleaned up and raked leaves and blew off the drive, walk, and deck. Worked until after dark, then crashed. Sunday I put in 7 miles, over 14000 steps. Watched Garth Brooks at Notre Dame stadium. There are great singers, and great songwriters, and great performers. Garth was in complete control, and the house that Rockne built was rocking. Even Matthew was impressed.
Heard that Elton John had to cancel concerts last week in Orlando and Tampa due to sickness, but he performed this past weekend in Atlanta. Andy Stanley broke his usually firm stay home on Saturday night before he’s preaching to attend with his daughter.
GT AD Todd Stansbury interviewed Whisenhunt. Wouldn’t be the worst choice. He’s a good fit for Tech, but has never coached college ball. Would rather have someone young and dynamic.
Monday: worked past 6 pm. Ceil fixed stir fry pot stickers, pot lickers, whatever you call those filled things. Watched The Neighborhood, The Voice. M came home and we were watching something when I went to bed shortly after ten.  
Tuesday: All the managers and outside salespeople are headed to Savannah for their annual sales meeting. Another coworker is working from our plant in Lavonia, so it’s just me and two others for the rest of the week, plus all the regular grunts. I’ll probably leave at five and run a few errands on the way home, and vote.
Doctor said I don’t have another hernia. Might need a second opinion. Traffic wasn’t bad going to the doctor near Northside Hospital. Terrible going back.
Left work shortly after five. Dropped off a load of giveaways at Goodwill. Bought a Don Nelson fish tie for Matthew. Voted.

Ceil was out running errands so we didn’t eat until after eight. Chicken and rice and tossed salad. Watched The Voice and The Kids Are All Right. Later some of the Ken Burns Baseball documentary.
Wednesday: man traffic from Norcross to Cumming is murder. Probably should’ve used my GPS. Took over an hour to make it metro Cumming. Chickfila was packed and so was Taco Bell. Should’ve gone to Wendys but I’d already passed it. Long line at Taco Bell drive thru so I went inside. No line but four groups of people were standing around waiting on their food. Took well over five minutes to get my order.
Made it to Hot Stove right at 7 pm. Not much going on so we talked about all the transactions so far this off season. I talked more than usual, helping Johnny describe the tour of the Georgia State Stadium, and talking about Sunday’s SunTrust Park open house. I had just researched Joe Mauer and Brian McCann’s stats, so I was involved in those discussions. Only ten of us braved the cold and traffic.
We broke up around 8:45. Was 31 degrees when I left Cumming. Stopped for gas on the way home. C and M were watching Hallmark Channel.
Thursday: 25 degrees when I left home this morning. Stopped by Chickfila for a chicken egg cheese bagel.   
Getting down to the nitty gritty on buying a car. Not fun.

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