Saturday, December 22, 2018

My Year in Sports

With kids in college and bills to pay, it’s hard to justify spending big money on sporting events. Fortunately I have ways to offset ticket prices – usually by selling bobbleheads. Here’s my year in sports and bobbles.

Jan 6: National Championship Game Fanfest. Win tickets on Facebook. $0.00. Meet Herschel. Priceless.

Jan 27 & 28: Braves Chopfest with coworkers Chris and Blake. Work tickets. Free food and drinks. Meet Brain Snitker, Dansby Swanson, Ronald Acuna, Pete Smith, Don Sutton, Dale Murphy, Mike Foltynewicz, Johan Camargo, and John Schuerholz. Play catch on the field. $0.00.

Feb 17: Tech vs Virginia Tech basketball with Reid and Andrew. Iman Shumpert bobble. $0.00.

Feb 18: Tennessee Titans Kevin Dyson bobblehead from work. My third free Titans season ticketholder bobble. $0.00.

March 11: Hawks vs Bulls. Win tickets on Twitter. $0.00.

March 27: Braves Yankees with coworkers Chris, Blake, and Zack. Work tickets. $0.00.

March 28: Braves Futures vs Stars with Kevin and Katie. Work tickets. $0.00.

April 2: Masters practice round (Ceil & Mary-Clayton). Free tickets, but Ceil made up for it in the Golf Shop. And then some.

April 6: Rome Braves with Alan. Two Ronald Acuna bobbles. Spend $35.00 on two tickets, parking, and gas. Sell for $75.00.

April 14: Gwinnett Stripers with LJ. Three fishtail bobbles. Spend $13.00 on one ticket and parking. Trade one bobble for a SunTrust ticket and bobblehead. Sell two for $50.00 (I had 2 free tickets).

April 19: Braves Mets with Ceil, Reid, and Noelle. Work Tickets. Spend $8.50 for Ceil’s BBQ.

April 20: Braves Mets with LJ. $0.00. Sell two Ender Inciarte bobbles for $50.00.

April 21: Georgia Swarm Miles Thompson bobble from work. $0.00.

May 4: Braves/Giants with LJ (Acuna & Jose Bautista’s fist game). $10.00. Sell three Albies Star Wars bobbles for $65.00

May 12: Gwinnett with LJ, Sam, Rachel, Angie, etc. Spend $60.00. Sell three Ozzie Albies Star Wars bobbles and 4 tickets for $106.00. Trade one for a SunTrust Park ticket and bobblehead.  

May 13: sell Augusta Augie mascot bobble for $20.00.
May 14: sell Freddie Hugs bobble for $24.00.
May 26: sell Tim Hudson bobble for $25.00.
May 27: sell Jason Grilli bobble for $40.00.

June 8: sell nine bobbles for $155.00 (Maddux Glavine Holbert Niekro Heyward 2 Cox 2 Smoltz)

June 9: Gwinnett with Sam, Angie, Rachel, etc. Spend $68.00. Sell four Acunas for $107. Trade one for a SunTrust Park ticket and bobble.

June 10: Terrapin Taproom bobble spend $15.00 on lunch. Sell bobble for $50.00.
June 10: buy Lee Corso bobble for $1.30.

June 15: Braves/Padres $10.00. Sell four Freddie Stretch bobbles for $90.00.

June 22: Braves/Orioles on RayPaul tickets. Get a $38.00 shirt and $2.00 pen for free.

July 21: Gwinnett with LJ. Spend $5.00 on parking. Sell two Folty bobbles for $46.00. Trade one for a SunTrust ticket and bobble.

July 26: Braves/Dodgers and Avett Brothers concert on RayPaul tickets. Get $40.00 in free food.

Aug 4: Gwinnett/Norfolk spend $13.00 get 7 Chopper bobbles trade 2 for a SunTrust bobble, Brewers mascot bobble, & Uecker bottle opener. Sell 5 for $80.00.

Aug 16: Braves/Rockies: free tickets and parking, limited edition Hank Aaron bobble, Stripers cap, Braves keychain & pen, Coke, t-shirt, sunglasses, & button – all free.

Aug 18: Braves/Rockies: spend $10 for one ticket, sell one Chipper Crazy Train bobble for $36.

Aug 31: Braves/Pirates with Will: free tickets from GasSouth. Free designated driver Cokes, as always. $0.00.

Sept 4: Braves/Red Sox with LJ: spend $10 for one ticket. Sell three Babe Ruth bobbles for $90.00.

Sept 12: sell three bobbles for $100.00 (they cost $8).

Sept 15: Braves/Nationals. Buy one $10 ticket. Get a Folty, Blooper, Chipper Crazy Train bobble. .

Nov 7: trade 5 bobbles for six (trade Oliver Perez, Ben Sheets, JJ Putz, Jon Lester, & Russell Martin for Blooper, Folty, Babe Ruth, Randy Ingle, Kolby Allard, & Mike Soroca.

Nov 10: GT/Miami buy one $11 ticket sell Calvin Johnson bobble for $40.

YTD spend $279.00 YTD sales $1249.00 profit $1031.00 sell 48 bobbles trade 6.

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