Monday, December 17, 2018

No More Dickering

Not a fan of car shopping. Glad all that’s over for the time being. I hate to haggle but I hate all the extra fees. I’m ok via email. I contacted several local Honda dealers with exactly what I wanted, and what discounts I qualify for. They still ask questions, some dumb. They’re all fast talkers and just want to get you to come in. They hate putting things in writing, especially details. But details and listening aren’t their strength – talking is.
I ask for a white Civic. They say they can get one, but then try to sell you another color or one with upgrades. One “carfinder” can’t find a Civic at the price I see on the internet, and wants to sell me a different car. If my customer asked for A and I tried to sell him B, they’d just go buy A from someone else!
Friday for lunch we went back to the Chinese buffet. Ceil was running errands so I worked past seven. Was almost eight when I got home. We ate at 8:30 with Anna: delicious boneless chicken breasts, tossed salad, and baked potato. We didn’t have much butter but we had sour cream. I remembered I had bought some Molly McButter to try on popcorn. It wasn’t good on popcorn but it was great on the baked potato.
Watched Last Man Standing and Hallmark Channel, as I recall. I went to bed at eleven but Ceil stayed up past 1:30 am.
Saturday morning small group, then I stopped by the bank. Came back and started contacting Honda dealers about new 2019 Civics. More on that later. Matthew and I went out to a couple of thrift stores. Bought a nice, official adidas GT half zip pullover. Wearing it today.
Sunday School Christmas party was fun. I tried to not overeat. We got to see and talk with the two young missionary families who had recently went out overseas. Got home and played on my computer until 12:30 am.
Sunday School and worship service, led by Heather Swilley Taylor. Ceil had a friend’s birthday lunch in Roswell. M went to church with W&MC then worked from 3-10 pm. Anna had spent the night with roommate Emily, then went down to Grace Midtown church, then Perimeter Mall. Later C and A went back to Perimeter. I cleaned up, did laundry, took a nap, and watched Falcons/Cards and NE/Pitt. Fixed nachos.
Sunday night we watched Hallmark type movies. I played on my computer. Anna and her roommate went to a Christmas party.
I’m not a fan of Panera. I only go to Red Robin once a year, for my birthday burger. In 2019 I’m switching to other dishes.
Balloons I guess some kids are allergic, plus there’s the whole choking hazard, huh?
Ceil wanted to make sure I had a present to open on Christmas, so I picked out some things on Amazon. Last year I’d gotten some official Hawks NBA socks that were nice. Didn’t see any more Hawks, Braves, or Falcons, so I asked for some Memphis Grizzlies socks. Everyone at work wears half zip pullovers, so for my list I marked a red Hawks half zip and a black Grizzlies half zip, so this could be a Grizzlies Christmas for me.

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