Thursday, December 20, 2018

My Corolla

Looked up my Corolla on the internet and obtained the following information. Started life as a rental car. Based on the date of the emissions tests, the second owner had a birthday in early July, and averaged driving 18000 miles a year. For the past five years the Corolla has averaged 14400 miles per year.

AutoCheck gave the car a score of 66. Similar vehicles received scores between 55-76, so mine is average. Both fender benders took place in Georgia, the second in Atlanta.

12.18.2006 000000 manufactured in Japan.
05.09.2007 000015 registered
07.28.2008 031685 21120 sold off rental fleet
11.16.2008 032000 slight damage rear impact
07.07.2010 070677 19496
07.06.2011 088139 17462
07.05.2012 105174 17035
07.05.2013 120942 15768
09.11.2015 149000 minor accident, left rear corner
06.17.2017 177800 failed emission test
07.01.2017 177800 passed emission test
09.11.2018 193000 passed emission test
12.15.2018 193000 became my car.

Left work Tuesday about 2:45. Traffic was jammed on 285 so I took Ronald Reagan Parkway to Scenic Highway to I-20 East. Stopped at RaceTrac for gas and drinks and an ice cream cone. When I pulled into the gas station and got out I saw I had lost a hubcap off my “new” car. Great.

Traffic wasn’t bad, and I poked along to Augusta, checking into my hotel room by 6:15. Shortly afterwards Rodney and I went to eat at the nearby O’Charleys. He likes their catfish, so I ordered chicken tenders, side salad, and sweet potato fries. Waitress brought the sald, but broccoli and mac & cheese instead of the sweet potato fries. Then the waitress came up and topped off Rodney’s ice tea. I wasn’t paying too much attention because we were talking, then later I noticed my diet soda had also been topped off. With sweet tea. The tenders were better than the ones I’d gotten last year at the same O’Charleys.   

Got back in the room before eight, so I had plenty of time to do all my usual evening routines. Also addressed more Christmas cards. My card this year was kind of a dud. Forgot to put our name on them, and the glossy finish was hard to write on. Watched some of You’ve Got Mail, The Kids are All Right, and The Voice finale.

Up early for work. Counted physical inventory, so I was on my feet all day. Chifila biscuit for breakfast and another for lunch, and stopped by Moes on the way home for dinner. Took my time driving home and ran into the usual traffic on 20 west as I neared 285. Stopped for gas when I got off 400 to measure the Corolla’s MPG: just under 40 MPG.

Ceil was at a Christmas thing and M was working, so when I got home I crashed on the couch. Watched Sleepless in Seattle. M came home and needed something off Amazon, so I ordered new hubcaps, slightly sportier.

Back at work this morning. Plenty to do. Cleaning out emails. At 9 am I drove over to Cumming to get my picture taken for the Forsyth County News, with the guys at the car dealership. Got back at 11:15 and have been peppered with questions the rest of the morning.

Leaving work at 4 pm to pick up Ceil. Our work team Christmas dinner is tonight at Pampas Steakhouse in Johns Creek.

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