Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Alton Brown

Usually an Alton Brown article would stand out to me on, though if I don’t go straight in to a sports article I’ll go to the home page, but I didn’t notice it as a top or popular story on the website. Only late in the day did I see the hard copy in the breakroom. Said he doesn’t go out to eat much…except Moes with his 7-year old daughter. Worked on an REM video. Graduated from culinary school when he was 33, if I remember correctly.

Thomas the Tank Engine is more of a boy’s toy. An interesting thing about them was that when we got into it, Ringo Starr was the narrator. He was replaced by George Carlin. My kids were introduced to Bob Newhart as the father in Elf (also James Caan)…last night there was a Newhart marathon on TVLand…the 70’s styles worn even by Newhart were outlandish.

When we were leaving the parking lot Sunday we saw someone we knew, so I moved the van so the people behind us could pass. But eventually we were right in the way when cars were entering the lot but not turning into a row to park. I hate it when others do that to me.

When High School Musical is on (or some of the other shows the kids like) I often remind myself that these late-teens / early-twenty-somethings probably aren’t the fresh faces they portray onscreen. Will and his buds like Kimmel, who is funny. Jimmy was skewered today in the AJC.

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