Friday, September 14, 2007

2007 MLB Uniform Rankings

I like most baseball unis, but some are better than others: . 1. Giants…classic off-white unis. . 2. Cardinals…timeless, great stirrups. . 3. Red Sox…whatever happened to the striped stirrups? . 4. Tigers…love the huge names on the back. . 5. Yankees…timeless. . 6. Braves…could be better with a few traditional tweaks: striped stirrups, off-white uni, number on front, big red names, a dark tomahawk. . 7. Pirates…classic look, except for the red vests. . 8. Athletics…simple & traditional, but the team looks sloppy. . 9. Phillies…simple and sweet. . 10. Dodgers…several tweaks have downgraded a classic look. “LA” patch, etc. . 11. Cubs…good, but see the Dodgers. Bring back the cubbie bear. . 12. Orioles…great look, but it could be better. “Baltimore” for starters. . 13. Royals…simple. Great to get rid of the black trim. . 14. Mets…need to ditch all the black. . 15. Astros…nice shade of red. . 16. Mariners…they’ve kept a consistent look over the years. . 17. Rangers…simple and clean. I like the flag patch on the sleeve. . 18. Reds…hate the new number font. They did rid of most of the black trim. . 19. Padres…I like those sand road unis, and the blue is sweet. . 20. White Sox…time for a change! Bring back a past classic: blue or red. . 21. Angels…simple but bland. Red numbers on red jersey doesn’t work. . 22. Indians…doesn’t stand out. Nice caps don’t match the navy jerseys. . 23. Blue Jays…nice colors. Unis keep changing, but none stand out. . 24. Devil Rays…I like the colors and logos, but the dark sleeves are weird. . 25. Brewers…simple but bland. Great throwbacks should be worn all the time. . 26. Marlins…Ok uni, but leave the pinstripes to the Yanks. . 27. Twins…same ugly unis for 20 years! . 28. Rockies…too much black, weird “vests.” . 29. Diamondbacks…nice shade of red, but the name on the front doesn’t look good. . 30. Nationals…nice caps, ugly numbers.

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