Monday, September 17, 2007

Meet the Saints

It’s early, but the Saints have at least four solid players and several more who should contribute regularly. I’m still getting to know the younger ones, but here’s a rundown in numerical order:

1. John Fulton (age 14) is starting to grow…Saturday he batted leadoff & played SS & 1B. Capable player…can pitch & play OF. Family is from SC, sis plays softball at Kell, dad helps out & is big into baseball. Saturday he walked, though he’s aggressive at the plate. Tuesday after a bunt he hit one over the left-fielder's head.

2. Jack (14) Curtis’s younger brother, a little lefty who’ll get to pitch once or twice. 2B & OF…can get the bat on the ball. After five games he's amoung the team leaders in RBIs.

3. Colin (14?) slight build, played with Will on the Titans in the spring. Can get the bat on the ball and does well in the field. Struggled pitching on Saturday. Dad coached Will years ago, looks like Bill Cowher…really into the games.

4. Preston (13) hasn’t played much baseball, but he's got ability…short & stout…2B & OF. Dad is a principal.

5. Will M (14) has been trying too hard, to hit HRs and throw pitches through walls.

6. Russell (15) does ok at most positions, though his arm is weak. Hits well when he’s practiced alot. Homeschooled, big into Boy Scouts.

7. Christian (15) Coach Chris’ 15 year old son, playing down a level, so he should excel. Missed spring ball due to a broken ankle. P, C, SS.

8. Curtis (15) loves CF but continues to struggle throwing strikes…also SS & 1B. Quiet. Will’s long-time teammate, agressive at the plate.

9. Kevin (13) hasn’t played much but has ability…his throws have movement. Had a big RBI single last Tuesday night. Runs fast, with long strides.

10. Patrick (13) young lefty hitter up from Bronco with talent…can hit and play the infield once he adjusts to the bigger field/opposition.

11. Joey (14) grew over the summer, lost some baby fat…could contribute this fall at the plate…singled on Saturday. Batted .400 the second half of the spring season. Dad quite knowledgeable about baseball.

12. Will G (15) another 15 year-old playing down…slow, but hopefully he’ll contribute…P, C, 1B…likes to talk. Glares at the pitcher when he gets hit, provoking laughter from all. Dad is a lot of fun.

13. Josiah (14) Saturday he lined on over LF’s head and made it to third…a clean triple! Likes to walk but sometimes watches strike three. Pitches have velocity but not movement, which is OK if he throws strikes…P, 1B, 3B. Quiet demeanor, alert/aggresive baserunner. Dad was a missionary, is fun to watch with.

14. Tanner (14) longtime teammate/opponent of Will’s, chunky…P, C, 3B, 1B…played on a competitive spring team. His dad is a great umpire…was behind the plate Saturday when Tanner was pitching.

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