Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ceil Under Suspicion

Friday night Ceil and I went to Perimeter Mall. In Anthropologie Ceil browsed the store. She was carrying two pair of reading glasses…she hadn’t decided which one to buy. As she moved about the store she noticed to employees whispering and pointing to her, as if she might be planning to steal them. Ceil was hacked, but I told her it wasn’t her, that the employees had to be careful in general.

Saturday Ceil helped arrange flowers for a wedding way out past Social Circle, real big and real nice. Did it with a girl from small group and her sister. They were gone from 1 pm to 10 that night. They got to eat at some nice seafood buffet.

Saturday afternoon I cleaned out our master closet, so naturally I was sneezing and sick all Saturday night. Felt better Sunday. After church I took Will to get a haircut. Got there at 11:30, but it didn’t open til noon, so he and I ate at Moes next door. I had gotten coupons for both the Roswell haircut and Moes from the same Kroger receipt. At home I walked in the door just when Ceil was serving Matthew a turkey sandwich for lunch. Matthew saw the Moes leftovers and had a meltdown.

The older accountant from our small group had eaten oysters at Ray’s On The River several Friday nights ago and was real sick for several days, and didn’t fully recover for over 2 weeks. This was just before the lady died from eating oysters at that sports bar. Saw him yesterday for the first time…asked if he’d ever eat oysters again and he said probably not…it looked like he hadn’t thought of that before.

Civic in the shop. Check Engine light was a code for an Oxygen sensor, so I knew I needed to get it done before emissions time next year. But another light came on, also for emissions. The guy at the shop was good…said to make sure there wasn’t an extended warranty (I did, no luck). He also said I could wait, that it was just needed before I had my emissions done. Though it wasn’t the best time, since I had it in the shop, I’m having it done.

Lunch with the Ogre regarding Physical Inventory next week. He likes to eat, but so do I. Tomorrow a guy from Charlotte is in for training.

I’m not doing a good job of posting photos to my blog, though we have lots more pictures to choose from these days.

Will wants Guitar Hero…he’s getting into the stage where he wants to be in a band.

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