Monday, September 10, 2007

More Stuff

Susan had been looking around for a Beth Moore Bible Study for her and Ceil to join. Some kick-butt study all the women are doing. They only last eight weeks or so. Johnson Ferry had one that had started a couple of weeks ago, but Susan and Ceil are going to start one on East Piedmont Wednesday night. It started last week. Ceil will probably go Wednesday for that reason, though Wednesday is our anniversary. Will has games Tuesday and Thursday, so it’ll be a busy week.

The young couple that had joined our Small Group is going to take over being leaders, and just sent out an email outlining the entire year. They want to meet every week instead of every other week...not a bad thing. I’m not sure of anything regarding if all the couples are coming back, or when we start…could be this Friday.

Tech seemed to do what they needed…play the first team for a quarter and then let backups get time, and win big. Nice that Bennett was 8 for 9 passing, and a backup RB ran for over 100 yards. Clemson had the same opportunity but let their weak opponent score too much. The new Clemson QB threw five TD’s, which tells me they continue to get develop the passing game, since they’re confident in the running game. Boston College didn’t beat lowly NC State by much, but next Saturday’s GT/BC game won’t be easy. FSU struggled with UAB, and Miami got killed in Oklahoma (Nebraska outlasted Wake). Interesting year…would be nice to see GT take the ACC, but who can challenge USC and LSU?

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