Monday, September 17, 2007

Best Looking College Football Uniforms

Most college football teams want to look like Miami or Oregon, who seem to get a Nike makeover every year. This is not a good thing. Stripes on pants now change direction and shape…as they do on jerseys, wandering across the back and front. Great traditions have been thrown out the window. Kids can like the look, but it’s hilarious to hear Coaches and AD’s loving the looks…sounds like the emperor has new clothes!

1. LSU: great stripes.

2. USC: simple & classic top to bottom.

3. Syracuse: they pull off the orange & navy.

4. Auburn: consistent, traditional stripe pattern.

5. Alabama: Great, all the way down to the white shoestrings.

6. Tennessee: They get it

7. Texas: simple, but the pants need stripes.

8. FSU: Love the white pants with 2 stripes.

9. Ohio State: Nike’s messing with a classic.

10. UCLA: but I hate the current numbers: busy!

11. Georgia: Nike hasn’t messed it up completely.

Honorable Mention: Hawaii, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Penn State (need grey facemasks!), Stanford.

Nike Ugly: Boise State, Boston College, Cal, Clemson, Maryland, Miami, Oregon, Oregon State, Pitt, Portland State, South Carolina, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

Georgia Tech’s Unis are outdated and way too busy. The stripes on the collar and pants don’t match the traditional stripes on the sleeves, and were trendy in the early 80’s. The jerseys have enough patches to make a NASCAR driver proud. The black facemasks are ugly. Suggestion: return to the mustard jerseys and white helmets worn in the throwback game last year.

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