Monday, September 10, 2007

Not On My Game

Dropped Ceil’s new Razor phone on the driveway and cracked it…it still works, but it’s just another thing. Last night I broke the glass globe cover for the light in the master shower, after changing the bulb…two breaks in two days. Wednesday night I took Will to church, then took the kid’s old play table to sell at a consignment sale. No room for anyone else to go with me. It sold!

The season is about over for the Braves, but they did ok considering the injuries to the pitchers and Edgar. Hard to question Cox on sticking with Harris, considering the 14 straight division crowns. And with the lack of quality pitching on the trading block, you can’t fault JS for failing to trade for pitching. Even Dontrell would’ve been a shaky proposition, with the first-half he had. JS stocked up on pitching before the season, and had Hampton, Gonzalez, James, Wickman, Davies, etc get hurt/flame out. Can’t catch lightning in a bottle every year. Let’s see the Mets win three straight divisions…though money helps.

McCann vs. Salty…BM is the proven .300 hitter and he plays hurt, but how long will his body last? Salty slumped last year and was struggling in Texas…his rookie year. Like everything else, we’ll see. It was nice to get in the car and turn to the postgame report and hear what happened Wednesday. Funny postgame comment by Chipper…while laughing, said the officiating Wednesday was great.

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