Friday, September 28, 2007

Board Games

I liked Chutes & Ladders better than Candyland. Life will be much better/easier than Monopoly…I figured out a paperless monetary system to make the game go quicker. I would always list Will, Anna, and my scores and date on the game’s boxtop, as a record. I like Battleship, but hate to find the red and white pegs around after the game has been put up.

In college we loved RISK, though it took so long to play. Haven’t gotten the kids interested…that would be a good sleepover game for boys like Will in their early teens. I’m sure a PC version of RISK would be easier than moving around all those armies and rolling all those dice.

I only had one Strat-O-Matic type baseball game as a kid. I guess I never just played it by myself, so I never got into it.

Two good Good Eats episodes last night…waffles followed by pancakes. The two things I cook. Popcorn was another I related to.

The inventory at the vendor went well yesterday…I felt like I was keeping score, holding the clipboard all day and writing everything down. We’ll have a gain, since I’m always conservative with the numbers. No big surprises. Now for month end. How was the strategy meeting?

Several of my co-workers are having their time sucked away by Chicago bigwigs in conference calls. The bigwigs have hired analysts, and they all don’t understand the day to day machinations that go into our business…keeping current business and getting new business. In another month the sale will go through on our company, and we’ll no longer be public. Everyone’s happy because Sarbanes Oxley goes away.

Thursday afternoons are suddenly busy, since Anna has ballet, Will has a game, and Ceil has a knitting class. Looks like this week will be like last week…I’ll miss the beginning of the game. Last week I did good on time, and was able to run my scorebook by the field first. I’ve had two good fill-in scorekeepers, a Walton ballplayer and Preston’s dad, a middle school principal.

Rough Braves game last night. Take away the two fielding mishaps and we’re right there. Then the HR to the little guy…he and that catcher always seem to kill us. It’s made this week fun, and it seems like thousands of fans are hanging in there instead of complaining. Next will come the ‘keep Andruw’ bunch. I love the ones who don’t think we should trade him. Cox came out and said that if it came down to Sunday, Hudson would pitch on three days rest.

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