Monday, September 17, 2007


Friday night was slow. Watched some of the Braves/Nats and Boston/NY while Ceil knitted. Tried to get my laptop on the internet at home, but I need to call a help line. Later I ran to pick Will up at the Normans, where a bunch of teens were hanging out.

Saturday morning I actually got some of the upstairs cleaned up before leaving for the ballfield at 9:30. That afternoon we took a quick nap before signing to get the house repaired and painted. Cleared out the garage so I could get my car in there…first time in months. I was proud.

Hopefully getting the house fixed up will spur us on to make more repairs. The inside of the garage needs painting, but so does the kitchen and dining room.

Watched most of the Tech game, unfortunately. The Alabama / Arkansas game was exciting. I hear Jerry Jones is going to stop at nothing to pick McFadden…it would be worth it for the Falcons to draft him instead of a QB (like they could’ve done by drafting Tomlinson). Or they could take Dallas’ 2 number one picks and their top RB Jones.

Saturday afternoon while Will cut grass, Anna and Matthew were playing at the neighbors. Anna went to see Hairspray with the girls. Matthew was invited to go eat Mexican with two others boys. First he ran home and put on a clean shirt and jeans. He was dressing up! Later we heard that not only did he eat his entire dinner (and chips and HOT sauce), but he also ate the plate that his friend didn’t touch. Afterwards the boys decided they wanted to sleep outside in a tent. Matthew was tired and grouchy on Sunday.

Louie’s sermon was good…one family’s wonderful and tragic story of looking for God.

Sunday afternoon I did laundry and cleaned house (and watched the Braves, Falcons, and golf). Ceil ran errands and did some schoolwork. Anna and Matthew played Battleship, which was funny.

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