Friday, February 24, 2012

Abducted...Two Straight Nights

Anna rented “Abducted” Tuesday night. OK, but the target audience was teenagers.

On the drive home Wednesday night I learned Anna’s small group at church was going to a movie together…way over in Johns Creek at the intersection of State Bridge and Peachtree Parkway, across from the Atlanta Athletic Club. Didn’t make sense to go home, so I shopped. Bought a Titleist cap with a Baltimore Oriole body bird on the side.

With my iPhone, its a lot easier to pass the time and actually “accomplish” something. In addition to Facebook, Titter, LinkedIn, and the internet, I can check and reply to email, manage my eBay and Craig’s List transactions, and more. I really haven’t been much of a Facebooker lately. All the kids seem to have migrated to Twitter and Pinerest. I saw where Lang got a Pinerest. I’m getting too old to keep up with all that stuff.

They’re building a huge hand in the Passion parking lot…103 feet tall. Supposed to represent freedom. For Monday night’s anti-human trafficking event. The hand is made out of thousands of messages written by students at January’s Passion Conference. Joel said he could see the hand when he passes by on the Marta train, headed to Georgia State. I’ve also seen some stuff about a minister’s conference.

I know I need to swing by to pick up those Grisham books. I still have two at home I haven’t read…Ford Country, and one more. In the attic I uncovered a copy of Ball Four, by Jim Bouton. I’ll have to read it as well.

Interesting that Jack Wilson has a full sized infield in his back yard. I’m reading lots of positive comments about the Braves…comments that always seem to slip past the hater’s attention. Nice to be getting a lot of Braves info again.

Will says his new teammate is good, but Will isn’t as impressed with him as everyone else. I’ll get my first look in the morning. The catcher got stitches on his face, so Will might have to catch game one, the pitch game two. He got hurt snowboarding. Said he was going back out to snowboard, so I’m not sure whether he’ll play Saturday. Will’s games were moved from Loganville to Austell, and from 11 am to 9 am. Closer, but not by much.

For most of the past two weeks I haven’t felt right. Not a good time for the restrooms to be out of order at work. I need to get back exercising, maybe that will help. I feel ok so far today.

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